To Da Moon!

It seems to me that the "One small step for man" would be a bit smaller here, considering this is LEGO. Dorian Glacet built this awesome Apollo lunar lander and moon rover. The lander uses some clever techniques and looks very accurate (to my untrained eye, at least). But my favorite part of the build is the set of tracks left behind the rover. It looks very cool and really evokes some of those pictures the astronauts took on the moon.

EDIT: This model by Dorian is actually a reworking and representation of a lunar lander built by Saabfan. So, since credit needs to go where it is due, I wanted to mention both builders here. This is a good example of how work from two equally skilled builders can be combined to great effect.

Apollo Lunar Module

Magnificent Desolation

My first childhood memory is sitting on my dad's lap watching a NASA mission unfold on TV. I've always had a fondness of the brave men and women of space exploration, and I'm also fond of this picture by tiler. The MOC isn't particularly fancy or spectacular, but it's clean, well designed and evocative of the lunar rover. But this is all about the excellent photo. The composition, lighting and editing are great, but the subtle touches like the registration marks and the reflection of the astronaut in the helmet truly make it.