Munchkin Bricks 2 Is Now On Kickstarter!

Those purveyors of the preposterous Crazy Bricks are back with another Munchkin themed Kickstarter, and it starts TODAY! Fans of of the game Munchkin might recognize some of the wacky artifacts in the image below, but to be specific the new lineup includes: the Helm of Super Speed, Spyke's Hammer, a Hammer Handle, a Foam Rubber Hand, Gear Beer, Shakespeare's Pike, Dragon Flagon, Hello Chibithulhu and E.L.T.H. the Excessively Large Top Hat. Not only do you get these custom injection molded parts in a selection of colors, you also some free gifts and there’s loads of stretch goals to unlock. Head over and support this campaign and get your hands on this spiffy stuff!

LEGO Munchkin

I've only played Munchkin once, but I enjoyed it. And like all boardgames, it's only as much fun as the people you're playing with. Well, I'm proud to say that the one time I played and learned the game it was from the builder of this mind-blowing LEGO version, Guy Himber. Me and Guy go way back, like...way way back, to my early creature effects days circa 1988, and it's always fun to spend time with him. Someday I hope to play Munchkin again, with Guy, on this very board.

Munchkin LEGO Gameboard version 2 by Guy Himber

Treasure Collecting, Backstabbin' Fun

I had the great pleasure of learning to play Munchkin for the very first time with Guy Himber last October. Guy is the man behind Crazy Bricks, which ran a successful Kickstarter to create custom Munchkin parts for Minifigures (as well as a slew of other way fun custom parts). Well, now Guy has brought the entire game to life with a custom brick-built game board. 

Munchkin Game board made from LEGO