Sea World came under attack a few years ago after the documentary Blackfish came out. The treatment of the sea life there while possibly well intended has never been great, and the pool size for the whales there is just appalling. But look at the tiny size of the the pool for this sea serpent! It is absolutely criminal, and builder adde51 may have to answer to the authorities if this goes viral (please go viral, I could use the traffic).


It might be just a little early for Chinese New Year, but this monster Nian was built for a contest so we get to celebrate just a bit early. According to myth the Nian lives under the sea or mountain, and comes out every new year to feast, mostly on crops but sometimes children, fun stuff. I have it under good authority that this particular Nian was hiding in the LEGO bins of builder Legopard.

Earth Dragon

I think it's really too bad there's no dragons in the world. Whether or not this is because they've all died off or never existed in the first place I'll leave up to you. Luckily we can sort of bring them to life (or bring them back, again, up to you) through art and media, and that's exactly what builder Henjin_Quilones has done with this awesome rendition of Kijani the Earth Dragon.

Kijani the Earth Dragon

Taz Na Rok

Builder Pol Mac is pretty freshly out of his dark ages, but seems to have come out with a vengeance, check out this gorgeous (first ever) dragon! It's designed to be flexible without big gaps in the body, and I'd say it was successful. My favorite detail has to be the eyes though, what a simple, elegant solution. The combination of lever base and mudguard has instant expression.

Taz Na Rok
Taz Na Rok