A Private Island

We if this isn’t a tranquil scene, I don’t know what it. According to builder Disco86 there are a lot of accurate details if you know anything about yachts. I’ll tell you truthfully, I don’t know anything about yachts. But I don’t need that bit of knowledge to appreciate what a lovely creation this is, in a lovely setting, that’s making me just a little jealous of those little dudes in the dingy.

Island Time
Island Time

Gone Fishin'

I don't fish, or at least I haven't since I was a child. I also don't do boats, unless it's a Disney cruise ship. I also don't eat much fish (but I do enjoy a good fish & chips). So I'm at a loss to explain why I love this little fishing boat by builder Know Your Pieces. Perhaps it's because of the splendid color scheme and building techniques. Or maybe because it's built out of my favorite toy, I just don't know.

Terror From The Depths

For as long as humans have been traveling by sea we've been afraid if it. Something about those mysterious depths, unseen creatures and the inability to breath underwater has kept us just a little on edge. And while there's no documented proof of creatures like this one by W. Navarre, stories have been shared for centuries, making you wonder.

The Secrets of the Abyss