A-3B Skywarrior

I have undeniable ties to the US Navy. My father served and so did my father-in-law. While my dad  never talked much about his service, my wife's father told me some very interesting stories about being a radar operator on an S2F Tracker. If I had to guess, there were at least a few of these A-3Bs on the aircraft carrier as well. Builder Mad Physicist has done it again with a large scale aircraft of one of the Navy's largest aircraft (they didn't call it "the whale" for nothing). It's loaded with details including foldable wings, articulated air brakes and an opening escape hatch. Ralph has also loaded the descriptions of numerous photos (including WIP) with loads of history, click through to learn more about this often overlooked aircraft.

A-3B Skywarrior of VAH-6 Fleurs
A-3B Skywarrior of VAH-6 Fleurs


This thing is insane! This 1/15th scale F-14A Tomcat by builder crash_cramer is over four feet long and features custom decals, a vacuum formed canopy, motorized control surfaces and lights & sound! It took over nine months to build, and judging by the accuracy and attention to detail, those were nine very busy months. Absolutely phenomenal work, Maverick and Goose would approve.

F-14A Tomcat Side
F-14A Tomcat & Deck Crew
F-14A Tomcat Nose
F-14A Tomcat Cockpit