Mario Kart

As I mentally prepare myself for a trip to Los Angeles today I’ll remind myself that it’s not OK to throw turtle shells or banana peels at my fellow motorists, as much as I may want to. While the “rules” of the freeways of the greater LA area don’t allow this, I’m sure there will be plenty of exchanged harsh looks and perhaps a couple gestures. But in my head I’ll be Mario, skillfully maneuvering through traffic, looking for the finish like. Just like this wonderful depiction by builder polywen.


One of the concepts of Pokemon is they are "pets" that you collect and care for (and then force to fight each other, go figure). But in my opinion there's actually only a handful that I think I'd enjoy having around. Pets give us companionship and unconditional love, at least that's the point I think. I wouldn't mind having a Pikachu around, they're pretty cool. And my personal favorite is Cubone, I have no idea why. And Eevee, brilliantly built by reticence here, seems like a pleasure to have around. But can you imagine a Mr. Mime hopping on the bed with you to watch TV? I'd be creeped out the whole time. And Magicarp is useless, your argument is invalid.

Pokemon: eevee

NES Classic Case

At first glance you think "ah, a Nintendo NES". Then on closer inspection you think "wait a second, that's brick-built" and you're impressed. Then you learn that it has a NES classic inside and can actually be played and your mind is blown. What better way to store your minuscule NES classic (that is, if you were lucky enough to get one, I was not). Well played BrickinNick, well played.

NES Classic Case