Duel Of The Fates

While I’m not much of a prequel fan I can say this, if you can get through all the silliness of Phantom Menace and get to the end, you’re gonna see a great lightsaber fight. This was the first time the fans saw some serious Jedi-in-their-prime and total-kick-ass-Sith crossing sabers, and it was pretty bad ass. In fact I’m guessing from the title of this post you’ve had John Williams’ score in your head and you’ve been hearing the humming of lightsabers while you’ve been enjoying this MOC by LEGO 7, amiright?

Now THIS Is Podracing

While I'm no fan of the prequels, I will say that the podrace in The Phantom Menace was a stand out scene. And I still own Podracing for Nintendo 64, so it can't be all bad. What's not bad at all is this colossal diorama depicting the scene. Builder thire5 built this back in 2016, it took a year and over 100k bricks! Admit it, you heard John Williams faintly in your head when you saw these pics.

Star Wars: Mos Espa Arena
Star Wars: Mos Espa Arena

N-1 Starfighter, Coming in for a Landing

Inthert is possibly my favorite Star Wars vehicle builder out there. He truly takes the time and looks at all possible LEGO elements to make something as accurate as LEGO allows. This new version of the common Naboo fighter seen in the Phantom Menace is excellently crafted, every curve and detail (such as the front cannons). The astromech droid head is incorporated nicely, as is those much needed extra details in the cockpit area. Even the bottom, where details are usually lacking, looks good on its own, which is no easy task! I'm sure most builders are afraid to show the underside of their starfighters, but not here. 

Naboo N-1 Starfighter V2
Naboo N-1 Starfighter V2 (Underside)

Nathaniel Stoner

     My name is Nathaniel Stoner, and I am an very active LEGO builder.  I mostly build in the themes of castle and science-fiction, but I also dabble in other genres and create occasional random MOC's (My Own Creations). 

     When I was younger, I would get and build small LEGO sets for my birthday, but I was never really into them.  When they fell apart, I would become frustrated attempting to put them back together and would throw them in a box in my closet.  I couldn't stand them!

     Then, miraculously, I became addicted to the LEGO brick later in my teen years.  Ever since, I have continued to build up (pun intended) my collection of bricks and to expand my knowledge of techniques and building skills.  LEGO is truly more than a toy, its an art form and a way to express yourself.

     For the most part, I collect LEGO Star Wars (mainly the minifigs), which is probably my favorite LEGO theme.  I have a fairly decent collection, including some of the original 1999 sets, such as the Snowspeeder, X-Wing, and Naboo starfighter.  I also collected LEGO the Lord of the Rings when those sets first came out.  The minifigs are great, and the story remains one of my favorites ever. 

     My hope is to inspire other young (and perhaps even older) LEGO builders to unleash their inner creativity!  You can find me on my Flikr here

Pit Droid

It's become somewhat cool to dis the Star Wars prequels, but I was doing it before it was cool. While The Phantom Menace is arguably the worst of the three, it does have a few redeeming qualities, and these little dudes are one of them. Pit Droids, like this one from nobu_tary, were maintenance robots in the pit areas of pod racers. But they're skills just may have extended past that, because that scene was one of the other redeeming qualities of the film...coincidence?

DUM-series pit droid