Great Balls Of Fire

I don’t know what else to say about this MOC by vitreolum except that one thing you should not underestimate when it comes to pianos is fire safety. Clearly this gentleman did to disastrous results. I don’t know if he just had his nerves shook and brain rattled, nor do I know if it was purely the friction of the hammers on the strings or if an accelerant was involved, but this piano will never be the same, and that’s just a shame.

Elegant Parlor

This lovely interior by builder Heksu looks ready to accept guests for a party, all we need is some hors d'oeuvres and a pianist and we're all set for some juicy gossip on the Rockefellers. The attention to detail is subtle here, and that's what makes it work so well. The chair rail, the paneled door, the crown molding, the chandelier, it's all understated, but adds up to a very elegant room. And of course the piano is just perfect. I want to spend some time here, it's very inviting.  

Manor Hall

Il Sogno "The Dream"

Automatons are endlessly fascinating to me. Perhaps it's my mechanical background, or maybe I was captivated even before that, resulting in a career in animatronics. I honestly don't know the origins of my affection for this items, but I'm smitten every time I see one. This latest from builder KMbricklab is charming and surprising. The clown playing the piano is enough to grab your attention, then you see the opposite side of the piano and your mind is blown. Check out the video for all the kinetic fun.

Il Sogno  ~"The Dream" _003
Il Sogno  ~"The Dream"

Music Shop

It's been a long time since I've had a local music store. I've never had a lick of musical talent, but I've always loved to dabble with it, and occasionally I make something almost "musical". I imagine if this shop by builder Jme Wheeler had been in my home town I would have been there all the time. I really dig the two story design, with the classic showroom on the bottom floor and a fantastic recording studio above. This makes me want to break out my drum set and make some noise.