Plastic Men Tell No Tales

This idyllic pirate MOC (by Vitreolum) shows something I really love to see in MOCs online: an entire scene built fully out of LEGO. A White background is nice and all but it's really cool when a builder goes the extra mile to flesh out a scene with more details. I especially love the forced perspective with the tiny island, and the puffy white clouds.

Pirate Cove

Ella "Tall Tide" Kneebone

The life of a pirate isn't all clashing sword fights and plundering treasure. Sometimes you just need a break from all the piracy and adventure on the high seas and just have a sit down. Like Ella "Tall Tide" Kneebone here, I can't decide if she looks pensive, exhausted or just bored. But judging by that treasure, she's earned a little "down time".

Ella "Tall Tide" Kneebone's Cabin


This looks like the cover of a classic science fiction book or magazine. This is how to shoot a ship! Note the fairly harsh side lighting, implying a single source of light, like a nearby star. This of course usually leads to much of the ship in total darkness, which leaves you the problem of being able to see it's silhouette. Here the problem is solved with a beautiful flare and planetary background. Nice ship, nice shot, nice editing, well done Tim C76