The Black Seas Barracuda

Just yesterday I was wondering when and if we’d see this ship from builder vitreolum, ask and ye shall receive eh? This is the ship that rescued me from my reluctant dim age, and it is forever dear to my heart. It was also pivotal to the purchase of my house, as it was part of the collection I sold when we purchased it. No, I have no regrets, I love this house and I’m grateful for it.

6285 Black Seas Barracuda Micro

A Pirate's Life For Me

Although I never owned any LEGO Pirates sets in my youth, I still have very fond memories of playing with these beloved sets in a friend's attic. This model by LegoFjotten really captures the whimsical feel of these sets and brings a huge smile to my face as I recall the endless hours of adventure between the Pirates and the Imperial Soldiers. And let's be real, we all played as the pirates. 

Pirates Carnival Float

Shiver Me Timbers

I don't know how many of a particular thing you have to assemble before you have a "collection", but in this case I'm going to go with two. Builder LEGO7 has added this salty old maniac gunner to his pirate collection, and the Caribbean just got a little less safe. With two pistols and a rifle, he looks ready for action, and with that look in his eye, it's happening any moment.

Maniac Gunner Pirate
Maniac Gunner Pirate