Pizza & Pugs

Well, this is a surefire hit. I mean, who doesn't love pizza, and who doesn't love pugs? Add them to LEGO and you've got something that appeals to pretty much everyone. There's also a peanut dude, and my personal favorite Mr. Toast. Crazy Bricks is back with another Kickstarter campaign, and needs your help. Upstanding human (and man who knows how to work a top hat) Guy Himber has a loads of cool stretch goals too, so get over there and show your support!

To Boldly Go Where No Pan Has Gone Before

Generally speaking I don't blog a builder twice in one day, or even the next day for that matter. Then Legopard had to go and whip this baby out. One of my favorite foods being sold out of a cart themed after one of my favorite franchises built out of my favorite toy to enter a contest for one of my favorite websites run by some of my favorite people on the planet. How could I not?

Pizza Surprise
Pizza Surprise - Detail

Whole Lotta Pizza

This is all kinds of clever. When builder koffiemoc accepts a challenge, he goes all out. These were all build for a revamp contest on He decided to build interpretations of LEGO 6350 Pizza To Go, and did so in the styles of City, Friends, Pirates, Wild West, Roman, Castle and my personal favorite, Star Wars. Yes, that sign is in Aurebesh.

Pizza chez Albert
Yoho! An' a barrel o' pizza!
Pizza Romanum
Best Pizzas Forever
Great Western Pizza
The Pizza Queen
Mos Eisley Pizzeria

Holy Extra Cheese Batman!


A cloaked, dark figure stands in a moody hallway, eerily lit from behind. A cord dangles from a communication device as the figure slowly paces, a faint ringing is heard.

Voice (O.S.)

Gotham pizza, can I take your order?

The dark figure stops pacing as his senses tingle, ready for action, he clears his throat, 


Yes, I heard there's a situation there. I'm here to help.

Voice (O.S.)

Umm, I'm not sure what you mean.


(after an awkward beat)

I need a pizza.

Voice (O.S.)

Yes sir, what would you like on it?


Do you have any...dark ingredients?

Voice (O.S.)

Ummm, olives are pretty dark I guess.


Perfect. And I need it delivered under cover of night.

Voice (O.S.)

Well, it's 9:30 at night, so... yeah

Bat Couch

Mmmmmm, Pizza

I love pizza (who doesn't?) and I think if I lived near this little parlor I'd be there all the time. With it's charming awnings and retro giant food sign, it's just inviting. Steebles is becoming one of my favorite builders. Not just for the skill and cleverness of his design and execution, but because of the subject matter. His MOCs do more than catch the eye, they stir up emotion...and hunger.