Since Pokemon hasn’t been a feature of daily life in this house for many years it doesn’t take much to surprise me (I’m also blissfully ignorant of the world in general, so that’s not really saying much) So when a Pokemon that I’m not familiar with pops up, I just roll with it. I don’t know anything about Incineroar, wonderfully depicted here by builder reticence, but he looks like he can put up a good fight, and that’s all we ask of our incarcerated pocket monsters isn’t it?


One of the concepts of Pokemon is they are "pets" that you collect and care for (and then force to fight each other, go figure). But in my opinion there's actually only a handful that I think I'd enjoy having around. Pets give us companionship and unconditional love, at least that's the point I think. I wouldn't mind having a Pikachu around, they're pretty cool. And my personal favorite is Cubone, I have no idea why. And Eevee, brilliantly built by reticence here, seems like a pleasure to have around. But can you imagine a Mr. Mime hopping on the bed with you to watch TV? I'd be creeped out the whole time. And Magicarp is useless, your argument is invalid.

Pokemon: eevee

Inside The Pokeball

I still remember the time my oldest explained Pokemon to me so many years ago. We had the cards, the games, we watched the cartoons, it was big at our house. There was a poster on his wall, and he very patiently showed me the best ones and explained the concept of enslaving small woodland creatures, storing them in small spheres and forcing them to fight for his pleasure. I think the whole thing wouldn't have sounded quite so inhumane if I had known what was inside the Pokeballs. If it's like the concept by Grant Davis here, they seem well appointed and Pikachu seems pretty content.

Inside a Poké Ball

Gotta Catch 'Em All

I've been spending a lot more time on Twitch lately, not so much under the BrickNerd persona, but as our sister site (and my latest harebrained scheme) Nerds&Makers. But of course I still love the bricks, so I've spent quite a bit of time hanging out in the brick builder's channels, including BrickinNick. So I had the opportunity to actually watch this MOC come into being over the course of a few days. It's been interesting to watch other builders, makes me want to build more. Then I remember I have a whole new website and community to build (what have I done?)

Ash & Pikachu

Choose Your Color

Any kid that owned a Gameboy in the late 90's (so let's face it, most) recognizes these guys, it's the trainers from Pokemon Red and Blue, the ubiquitous monster catching role-playing game. It gives me great pleasure to present these as they come from a builder you might have heard of, Mr Kevin Hinkle himself. It's good to see you dabbling with the bricks Kevin.

Pokémon - Trainer Red
Pokémon - Trainer Blue