RC McLaren Senna

I remember having an RC car back in the day. An awesome cherry red Ferrari Enzo with silver rims and even headlights that you could turn on. This bad boy would zoom around the house at ungodly speeds, until it would eventually crash into a wall every time. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure my 8 year old self would not mind having this McLaren Senna by morimorilego instead. A new ride built out of my favorite toy! But I can’t imagine the damage of crashing this RC car into a wall. Absolutely brutal.

LEGO Arctic Air Transport Takes To The Sky Thanks To FliteTest

The antics of the FliteTest crew is one of my YouTube guilty pleasures. Yesterday they unveiled a video that effectively intersects my love of tinkering and LEGO, and brings everyone’s childhood dream to life. Check out this video of the conversion of LEGO 60193 to an actual flying model, with surprisingly minimal modifications.

Technic Ford Edge

This Technic Ford Edge by builder chumuhou is pretty insane. There's no description or links to learn more about it, so I can't tell you what specific features it has, but the battery pack and motors visible from below make it look like a fully functioning RC car. The body styling is fantastic, right down to the Ford emblem on the awesome front grill. 


Stealth Is Not A Feature

Nothing speaks of confidence than to roll on your enemy with supreme firepower painted bright yellow. This obnoxiously yellow landship (that's space_e's official title) sports three turrets and four treads in counter triangular configuration. And if that wasn't enough, it's also remote controlled with an adder-subtractor drive. It's a lumbering beast that is designed to dominate the battlefield, regardless of color.

Obnoxiously Yellow Landship