CADA Porsche 919 Hybrid Test Car

I’m not a fast driver, never have been. I’ve had one speeding ticket all my life and that’s not because I enjoy the sensation of speed, it’s because I was late for dinner and I’m afraid of my wife. So I cannot fathom driving this beast by builder NikolayFX. Then again, there’s only a handful of drivers in the world Porsche would trust behind the wheel, and I’m not one of them.

Ferrari F1

Vroooom! I don't personally follow F1, but I have a few friends who do. And I know this MOC by Nathanael L would make their heart pitter patter for different, but sound reasons. I really like the contouring of the main body. Normally LEGO versions of exotic racers suffer from the same problem that a lot of MOCs do, namely being boxy, but this is sleek and sexy.

Ferrari F14 T (1)