We all know LEGO as an artistic, architectural and even a therapeutic medium. But these guys are using it to explore history, and make it more accessible to the general public.  Kevin J. Walter and Oliver Isensee are in a history Masters degree program at the University of Freiburg.  They've taken it upon themselves to create an exhibition of ancient Roman life at the Museum 'Villa Urbana' in Heitersheim, Germania, er, Germany.  Of course everybody is familiar with LEGO, young and old alike, and that makes it the perfect vehicle not only for display, but for interactive features as well.  That means history is no longer a static 'please do not touch' concept, it's a recreation of ancient Roman life from the scaled-down perspective of a minifigure.  Everybody can relate to that! 

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Some Crackin' Good Archeology

Some things I brought back from the UK: I started drinking my tea with milk again, I discovered McVitties Rich Tea biscuits, I won't shut up about the toasted cheese sandwich at Borough Market and I watch Time Team. I recently found out that almost every episode is on YouTube and have been watching whenever I can. So when I saw this MOC by peggyjdb all I could hear was Phil's charming thick accent.

Excavation begins