The Proud Sons Of Durmstrang

When Hogwarts held the Triwizard Tournament the Durmstrang school arrived by boat, magical boat. Builder Swan Dutchman seems to have a little wizard in him too, crafting this tiny boat somewhere around 20 studs in length, but cramming 400 parts into it (not including the water). It's a wonderfully crafted micro scale ship from the wizarding world.

Durmstrang Ship

Norse ship!

Get it? Nice...Norse... I know, I know. I'm sorry. Anyway, Mark of Falworth built this awesome Viking-esque ship for CCC 14. It seems that building a curvy wooden ship like this would be difficult, but Mark does a fantastic job with it. The shaping on the bow is phenomenal: it has a nice curve overall while still looking like individual planks, just like in real life. Also, the subtly shaded green water makes for a nice change from the slightly unrealistic bright blue water we're used to seeing.

(CCC14) Moravian Warknarr