The Teeniest, Tiniest, Cutest ED-209 You Ever Did See

Yes, ED-209 was a bit of a failure, he had a 'glitch' or two (tell that to Kenny). But if he hadn't had his initial issues the Robocop program wouldn't have moved forward, and Clarence Boddicker would probably have a stronghold on Old Detroit right now...I digress.

Sure he's a mindless killing machine, sure he didn't work (who cares, spare parts for 20 years1) but you cannot dispute the absolute squee value of this adorable ED-209 from Grantmasters. I just want to hug it.

Smaller Still


Can a military ship make you squee? I'd say this one can. It's an adorable mashup of cruiser, destroyer and battleship by Dwalin Forkbeard. Combine those, add some adorable proportions and plenty of moveable weaponry, and you've got a seriously cute floating vessel of death. Imagine standing on the deck of your warship, admiring this thing and making "awww" sounds, then you see the torpedo screaming at you.

Yamamoto back