Super Star Destroyer

The moment I laid eyes on this magnificent Super Star Destroyer by Fabrice Neaud I heard the Imperial March in my head and I was ready to swear allegiance to the Empire. It’s not the scale that impresses me (to be honest, scale rarely impresses me, but this thing is enormous) it’s the accuracy and the attention to detail. This picture does not do it justice, you really need to click though and look at the pics at high res to truly appreciate this beast.


Check out this lovely beast by builder Jarac. The Y-Wing has always been a favorite of mine, just because it’s so “scrappy”. It was designed to look like a ship that had seen some action. It's outside cladding had been removed so many times that it was eventually decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. It also looked like it could take some punishment, and had dished out a fair amount too.

Who Are You Calling Chicken?

The AT-ST (All Terrain Scout Transport) or “chicken walker” started it’s life in the Star Wars universe as a thing of legend. It was in a single shot in The Empire Strikes Back, blink and you missed it, and in the days before home video there were plenty of people who did. I remember heated debates of its existence among my nerdy friends shortly after the movie came out. Of course not long after it became a fan favorite, and when Jedi came out it featured prominently. This is version three by builder GolPlaysWithLego, and it gets better with each iteration.

Roger Roger

The Star Wars franchise knows how to provide cannon fodder for the good guys. Tie fighters and Stromtroopers from the original trilogy and to a degree so far the sequel trilogy. The prequels gave us battle droids, who also attempted to provide a bit of humor. Hachiroku24 has built excellent renditions of the standard battle droid. Best of all video instructions are provided on YouTube! The droid uses mostly common pieces, and has a ton of articulation. My favorite part is the minifig scale battle droid arm as a neck.

"Your Mind Powers Will Not Work On Me Boy..."

It’s far too early in the morning and I haven’t had nearly enough tea to have my mind so completely blown by a MOC. I knew what this scene by builder Grantmasters was the moment I saw the thumbnail, but just look at the scale of it! I mean Jabba’s throne room in surprising detail in a package about 10 x 14. I also love that the genesis of this creation was the fact that the hat was reminiscent of Jabba, brilliant.

Review: LEGO Star Wars 75244 Tantive IV

Review: LEGO Star Wars 75244 Tantive IV

It was the first ship ever seen in the Star Wars universe, it carried the droids to Tattooine, the ship that Princess Leia was captured on. It’s the Tantive IV, AKA the Rebel Blockade Runner, and it’s the newest large LEGO Star Wars ship. LEGO was kind enough to send one our way and here’s our review of one of the most iconic science fiction ships to ever burst onto the silver screen.

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