Stormtrooper E-11 Blaster

I've always been a fan of Stormtroopers, they're white armor, their expert aim, their ability to navigate doorways with ease (ok, I kid, but I am a fan). I've also been a fan of their blasters too, in fact I was just looking at photos last night for an upcoming prop project. So I was quite surprised and delighted to find this awesome LEGO blaster by Daryl Ng in my feed this morning. It's even got a spiffy UCS style display stand, neat!

StormTrooper E-11  Blaster Rifle

Wearable Empire

If Star Wars taught me one thing, it's that helmets are popular in space. And what good is a helmet that you can't wear? Well, Lego Admiral seems to think the same thing, and has crafted these excellent Vader and Stormtrooper helmets in bricks, and you can actually wear them. I don't know how much protection they would offer, then again Stormtroopers can be taken out by a teddy bear with a rock, so the real ones don't offer much either.

Wearable Lego Darth Vader Helmet
Wearable Lego Stormtrooper Helmet

Imperial Pew Pew

One of George Lucas' strokes of genius on the first Star Wars was to use real weapons and blanks as the basis of the blasters. The recoil and power were evident as the actors shot, and with the addition of Ben Burt's sound design and ILM's optical, it was a convincing illusion. The E-11 Stormtrooper Blaster was based on a Sterling sub machine gun, and this version by Nick Brick is the best brick-built version I've ever seen, and the quality we've come to expect from Nick. It even has a foldable stock, which while never used in Star Wars, is still a testament to the accuracy of this build.

Star Wars E-11 Blaster Rifle
Star Wars E-11 Blaster Rifle

First Order Stormtrooper

When I saw the teaser trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens and there was that glimpse of the new stormtroopers I had a surge of childhood course through my veins. It's a thrill that's indescribable, yet here I sit trying to come up with the words. I had a little taste of it this morning too, when I saw this delightful MOC by umamen. Suddenly I'm nine years old, and I want to save the galaxy. I want to jump around with a flashlight and make swooshing noises. I want to climb aboard a starship and jump to light speed. I want some Star Wars.

LEGO: Stormtrooper of episode 7 (8inch)