Surfer Babe

In high school I was a surfer. Well, I had a surfboard and a wetsuit, and we went to the beach a lot. Mostly I would paddle out, wait for the perfect moment to get smashed by a wave, drink a bunch of salt water and get my face dragged on the ocean floor for a bit, you know… surfing! I’m pretty sure if this baby surfer by ted @ndes had been there they would have surfed circles around me.

Finally A Reason To Go To The Beach

Yes, I’m a California native. No, I don’t like the beach. I know this is absolutely baffling to those that don’t live here, and especially baffling to those that do, but I don’t care for the beach. I mean, I like to look at it, and camping near it is nice, and driving along it is wonderful, but I don’t go to the beach. BUT, if I had this surfer van mech by builder Dvd, I think you would have difficulty getting me off the beach (plus I’m a sucker for old VWs).

Totally Tubular!


Simon Surfwax, a young brash surfer type approaches an older man holding an inner tube, ready for some fun in the water. Simon can't help but notice what the man is wearing, a very old fashioned bathing suit. He plants his board in the sand and snickers.


Whoa dude, totally radical knickers you got there

Older Man

These aren't knick...oh, my bathing attire.
I was assured this was the proper dress.


You gotta be a total babe magnet in those threads, eh bro?

The older man is taken aback and confused, he studies himself and looks carefully at his inner tube. For the first time we notice there is something slightly odd about what's visible through the hole in the middle, a strange distortion, almost like shimmering heat off a hot paved road. The old man looks back at Simon. 

Older Man

What does magnetism have to do with this?

Simon has had his fun, he smiles sarcastically and grabs his board. With a dismissive wave he trots off down to the water. The older man stands puzzled for a moment, then sighs.

Older Man

Clearly more calibration is needed.

With that he bends down and begins to crawl through the hole in his TIME PORTAL as he does, space/time bends around him. And with a flash and a pop, he disappears.

Suit Yourself