The Struggle Is Real

I would argue that it's been a very, very long time since I've stepped on a brick. Mostly because I'm so particular about storage and proper care of the precious. Then again, I stepped on a pip just yesterday during the LiveBuild (with shoes on, does that count?). But as a parent, with two boys that were once quite into LEGO, I've suffered my fair share of nighttime ABS induced foot trauma. Now our friends at Tee Fury have a shirt to recognize the pain we've all shared. Act fast, it's today only!

Best Buddies

I love my collection of geek culture shirts, it's my way of saying "I am nerd, hear me roar" (or at least mumble semi-enthusiasticlly). By far the one I get the most comments on and questions about is this one. It's an awesome mashup of Calvin and Hobbes and Star Wars. Today it's back on Tee Fury, so now's your chance to nab one for yourself.