And You Had Trouble Picking Out A Tie This Morning

Tony Stark certainly has no shortage of suits, both three piece and Iron Man suits. One he uses for guest appearances at charity auctions and being a playboy on the town, the other he uses when he needs to look business-like. I don't know if this MOC by John Toulouse has every single Iron Man minifigure that has ever been made, but it certainly looks like it (even the micro-fig!). It also has some fun surprises on the back side, very cool.

Labo stark 01
Labo stark 13
Labo stark 10

Tony Stark's Lab

Iron Man fans should recognize this instantly, it's Tony Stark's lab in his Malibu mansion. This large interior MOC from kissyfur_ok is totally packed with detail everywhere you look. Going through the pictures will remind you of several scenes from the movies and you'll find excellent little easter eggs, just like a Marvel movie. Click through for more pics, it's worth it.

Final version - LEGO Tony Stark's Workshop/Malibu Mansion
Final version - LEGO Tony Stark's Workshop/Malibu Mansion: Hall of Armour