Bulleid Merchant Navy Class

As I’ve stated more than once on this blog I don’t know diddly about trains, so I’ll let builder technoandrew’s description do all the talking… The Merchant Navy class was designed by Oliver Bulleid for the Southern Railway, and introduced many novel features to a British locomotive. However, many of these innovations proved troublesome, so the class were subsequently rebuilt by British Railways to a more conventional design. My model represents the rebuilt version.

BR 80 Steam Engine

Just last Sunday I spent most of the day aboard a train. Of course it was a modern Amtrak train, but I did spend a moment thinking about the heyday of locomotive transportation, imagining myself crossing the country in the 1800’s. While I can’t speak with much authority on trains (what can I say, I just don’t know much about them), I can say I like the looks of this one by builder holgermatthes. And if you do too there’s great news, Holger has shared the instructions so you can build your own!

By the way, if you’re into trains, and you want to be a blogger, clearly we have need for an expert in the ranks.

LEGO BR 80 steam engine

Trans Europ Express

I don’t know what makes me happier, the retro aesthetic and quality of this build by holgermatthes, or the fact that as soon as I started blogging it one of my favorite all time bands started playing in my head, Kraftwerk. This perfect rendition of TEE stretches over 2.5 meters (over 8 feet) and features three PF motors and LED lighting.

LEGO VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE)

One Very Large Locomotive

This impressive locomotive by brickthebrick is one of those models that you look at for a second in confusion, because you can't figure out the scale. I thought it was just a train model at first glance, but my brain couldn't reconcile the level of detail achieved. Then I noticed the texture of the "rocks" in the track, those are 1x1 round tiles, this thing is huge. It's 1/15 scale and comprised of fourteen thousand pieces!

CP 1408 (1/15)
CP 1408 (1/15)
CP 1408 (1/15)

Madame Queen

I wish I knew more about trains and could speak with any authority about this black beauty from builder Engineering with ABS. All I can say is it looks powerful, dignified and gorgeous. And it's not just a pretty face, she's got some power thanks to a Power functions driven tender, as well as a L motor in the engine to help the coupling rods and valve gear rotate smoothly. Add in functioning lights and a flickering fire box, and you've got the whole package.

Santa Fe #5000 Madame Queen
Santa Fe #5000 Madame Queen

ST48-003 Locomotive

I really do wish I knew more about trains so I could speak with even the slightest confidence about this lovely locomotive by builder Mateusz92. I can tell you from google that it's a really nice rendition of an existing train, detailed and accurate. I think it's about time we got a train enthusiast amongst the ranks here at BrickNerd, any volunteers?