I know what you are all thinking, this isn’t from Pirates of the Caribbean?!? No, it’s not, and as the kids say these days you got click-baited. I’m kidding! Tortooga is actually the name Klikstyle gave to this wonderful little turtle from a fantasy world. Although part of me is thinking about how adorable it is, there’s always that other part of me that wonders what it tastes like. But I’m sure with sharp spines and a shell like that it’s safe from my flimsy hands, for now.

Wandering Temple Of The Last Flame

Now this is the kind of transportation I need these days. It’s got high seating, for a good vantage point, and it runs on carrots, which I can afford. Sure it’s a bit lumbering and slow, but my commute is only one mile, and half of it is in the opposite direction. If I could teach this guy to step over the wall I could cut my commute in half! I will probably get some grief from the HOA about keeping it in my back yard, but I think I can handle them. Nice MOC lummerlander.

Master Oogway

First Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and now an ancient Kung Fu tortoise, what's next, midlife crisis karate terrapins? All joking aside this amazing build by Bruce Lowell from the movie Kung Fu Panda captures the essence of Master Oogway to a T. Bruce has pulled off some cool new tricks, from the white minifig heads shrouded in space helmets for eyes to the excellent use of Ewok glider wings for the back of the sash.

LEGO Master Oogway