Gamer Levels Up In The Face Of Adversity

Dateline Anytown USA

Despite overwhelming odds, gamer Zach Bishop has managed to complete several levels of his game and advanced to level 68. While the importance of hygiene and sustenance are acknowledged, priorities must be set. Or in the words of Zach “yeah, whatever”. Yes, the threat of unloading the dishwasher proved to be a momentary distraction, but with concentration and perseverance, that too was overlooked. And while room cleaning and laundry loom large another threat could prove to be his downfall, sleep. We understand efforts are underway to thwart this however, with the discovery of a half consumed Rockstar discovered behind the monitor.

Gleefully Evil

I think the thing that made Bellatrix Lastrange (or at least Helena Bonham Carter's portrayal of her) so creepy was just how much fun she had being so bad. She was gleefully evil (gleevil?), and took great pleasure in doing awful things. Speaking of great pleasure, this MOC by vitreolum gives me all the good wizarding world feels. It's a lot of cool techniques and style packed into a tiny package. And great evil has never been more cute before I believe.

Bellatrix Lestrange

Be Cool Honey Bunny...

I realize some of our younger readers might not understand this, and to that I say "someday you will, when you're old enough to watch Pulp Fiction". This was built by Mark van der Maarel for the Kill Brick Contest at Rogue Bricks, which is challenging fans to built MOCs inspired by Quentin Tarantino. I can't wait to see what the builders come up with.

"Be cool Honey-Bunny! Be cool!"

Post Holiday Blues

Yes, Christmas is over. Sure some of the neighbors still have lights on their houses, and there's still presents that have yet to have found a place in the house, but it's over. But just like those couple of things that are always overlooked when you put all the decorations away (happens every year) there's always a few brilliant creations that didn't quite get posted before the unofficial cutoff of the season, New Years Day. But I don't mind sharing this lovely little MOC by _Tiler a few days "late". For one, the lighting is fantastic, and illustrates perfectly the importance of lighting when you photograph your MOC. But there's also some very clever building here, namely the edging on the carpet there. How the heck was that done?

"– Looks like you've got one too!"

The Ghost Of Anton

As with most ghost stories, this one starts with a tragedy. Anton, the proprietor of the Old Fishing  Store, was the subject of a photo shoot in Polperro Harbor when disaster in the form of high winds struck, and he was lost. To make the story worse, he was on loan. The photographer, BrickNerd's own Nick Sweetman, was entering a contest to win an Old Fishing Store. I suppose if he wins, he'll have to turn right around and give Anton back to his owner, tragic indeed.

The Ghost Of Anton
Anton In Polperro