Plumbing Safety

Plumbing safety is no laughing matter. Every year hundreds of people are injured while improperly using the tools of the trade, and it's no joke. Not to mention the costs of repairs should a small flood happen. I know from first hand experience that a simple toilet overflow at the hands of a 9 year old can blossom into a $20k restoration project (true story). Take this apparatus for instance, a katana fixed to a plunger, can you imagine the damage that could be inflicted should this fall into the wrong....

Sorry, I'm being told this is from a video game, Fortnite or something. Never mind, move along.

Fortnite: Plunja Pickaxe

Man With The Golden Gun

No, not the Bond villain, this is a different villain, namely Frau Irene Engel from Wolfenstein. Come to think of it, she's also not a man, ignore that title, it makes no sense. Nick Brick built this ornate beauty, using only official LEGO pearl gold elements. This is a build restriction that would challenge even the best builders, but Nick pulls it off beautifully. 

Gold Pistole 1946 - Wolfenstein


The king of prop weapons Nick Brick is back with another phenomenal reproduction. This is the D.A.R.C.I. (Data Analysis, Reconnaissance, and Cooperative Intelligence device) from Destiny 2, a sophisticated sniper rifle with some serious special features. The prop is over 43" and features a light up scope, moving trigger, sliding charging handle and removable magazine. 

D.A.R.C.I. - Destiny 2
D.A.R.C.I. - Destiny 2
D.A.R.C.I. - Destiny 2