Me and a friend of mine were talking about this guy at lunch a couple days ago. He’s reading The Making of Alien book (still need to get my copy) and the story of how Ridley Scott came to direct and how HR Giger landed the job of designer is interesting. It’s just one of those series of events in life that seem pretty uneventful in time, but when looking back, it was fate. And the result is one of the most iconic creatures ever to grace the screen, and make us scream. The version by Build Better Bricks will get your heart pumping too, and what’s even better is you can buy instructions for him and build your own!

The Making of Alien
By J.W. Rinzler

A Fate Worse Than Getting Blown Out Of An Airlock

Builder dvdliu has an interesting thought experiment. What if xenomorphs (the aliens in the Alien movies) developed developed a civilized and "normal" lifestyle? Well, here's a peek at what that might look like, and it's sort of dreary. Yes, I wouldn't wish a desk job, especially wearing a tie, on anyone...or anything. 

Alien in Office
Alien in Office

Alien Vs Predator

And when I say "vs" it's not in the context of these two fighting, it's more of a "cute-off". Yes, two of the most feared adversaries seem to be in a battle to out ugly each other, but failing miserably because they're so darned adorable. I think if the crew of the Nostromo or Arnold had been up against these two the results might have been far more "squee". Nice build Mr. Brickman.

Predator & Alien


I've always been a fan of HR Giger's imaginative nightmare the xenomorph. From the first time it scared the begeezus out of me in Alien to that time I previs'd hundreds of them ascending a mayan pyramid (true story). This version by LEGO Will captures it's biomechanical essence perfectly, but what's even more impressive is the photography. Shooting an all black MOC is very difficult, this shot is awesome. White background to clearly define the silhouette, just enough highlights to define the form, but not so much that it's overdone. And according to the EXIF, this was shot with an iPhone 6, making it even more impressive.

The Xenomorph