SHIPs are big, by definition. When your MOC gets to over one hundred studs you're naturally dealing with a build of decent scale. But in comparison with how big the vessel is supposed to be, for instance a colonist ship, they're tiny. So imparting a sense of scale is part of the challenge. This MOC by migalart shows how it's done. With a smart balance of panel and form to greebs, with implied structures and small details, and in this case with super effective use of stickers. The lighting and photo editing complete the illusion, and this thing looks absolutely colossal.



SHIPtember continues and now that we're almost three weeks in we're starting to see a few completed SHIPs, like this magnificent rendition of the Space Battleship Yamato by builder Eínon. This would normally be the part where I confess I haven't seen the movie or series, but not this time! I've actually seen quite a bit, but it's been so long I can't remember much. I guess it's about time to revisit it.

Space Battleship Yamato - SHIPtember
Space Battleship Yamato - Side View

ETNAK Class Frigate

Yes, SHIPtember is here. For the uninitiated among you, this is the time of year when you are challenged to build a SHIP (Seriously Heavy Investment in Parts), a space cruiser of 100 studs length (or more). It's the time of year when large space ships pop up every day and we can all collectively drool at some serious building skills, like this magnificent, multi-faceted frigate by builder FLAVIO, spectacular.

ETNAK class frigate

EVE Scorpion Battleship

And so the SHIPtember series of awesome builds continues... 

Pico van Grootveld has engineered this studio-quality model from the EVE online game.  Built on a double beam technic frame, Pico admits gravity was an issue for this 130X120X70, 22lb beast.  "Wouldn't want to be an ABS beam in there!"  No, I certainly would not...  Check out his photostream for close up shots and WIP pics. 

I asked him, as I often do,  if it's swooshable.   He says a swoosh video is in the works, so stay tuned!

EVE online's custom Scorpion battleship | SHIPtember 2015