"Together, We Can Rule The Galaxy As Father And Son."

The duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader on Bespin is one of those iconic scenes which we see revisited in the brick a lot by many different builders, but I'm very fond of this new model by Vitreolum. He achieves a very clean look by using mostly monochrome light bluish gray parts, with minimal visible studs, which fits the scene well in my opinion.

Bespin Duel

The Wicker/ABS Man

Being both a big fan of Vitreolum the Lego builder and The Wicker Man the original version ( I won't be "Cagey" about it but I didn't really rate the remake) I couldn't pass this build by and had to use it for my first blog here on Bricknerd. It's the sixth in a series of Horror vignettes one of which Tommy blogged a couple of months back and each one has been a masterpiece I'm 100% sure we shouldn't burn this one.

The Wicker Man