The BrickNerd Pledge Drive Is Still On

We're still taking donations in the 2014 BrickNerd pledge drive and there's still many, many things to give away. I've already given away dozens of items, some quite rare and valuable, to friends of the site and show. Thanks to the many people that have donated, offered up items to give away or just had encouraging words (it's all support as far as I'm concerned). Speaking of giveaways, check out this haul being donated by the always awesome customBRICKS! There's over $250 worth of stuff here, some items available only in this bundle, and it can be yours! In addition they're giving away a very cool Supergirl custom minifgure! You don't have to make a donation to be eligible either (but of course we really appreciate it), just sending a note, retweeting or commenting on Facebook could score you some sweet, sweet swag!