Review - LEGO 40082 Christmas Tree Stand

The LEGO exclusive limited edition sets this year were very nice, but for some reason this set has proven to be far more popular than the truck. I'm assuming it's because this set really screams out Christmas, where the truck just looks like a truck. 

It's a simple set, with 115 pieces and two minifigures. It's easy to build and looks good on display. There's no play features to speak of, but that's not really the point of this set. If like me you've been investing in all the holiday sets this will make an excellent addition to a yearly display of LEGO holiday joy. It looks fantastic by the Post Office or Toy Store.

The minifigures are good, and seem very festive. The inclusion of the scarf on the girl is a nice touch, and the farmer is dressed in Christmas colors. 

The stand itself is festive too, with holiday lights under the eve and Christmas decorations on the front.

The back of the stand is clearly never meant to be seen, with exposed hinges and no detail. The ladders as fencing work well, and the little decorations keep those festive like the rest of the set.

Overall it's a cute set. Easy to assemble, charming design and a great addition to all the LEGO holiday sets. I give it four out of five Nerdlys