The Dolmen

Feast your eyes upon this. When I came upon this stunning MOC by Xenomurphy in my Flickr feed it sort of hit me in waves. First I was looking at the thumbnail and thinking "wow, that's cool" then I viewed the image and went "wait a second, that's not..." then I zoomed in, my eyes bulged, I slowly leaned in and went "whaaaaaaaaaaaa". Seriously, stop reading this and click through and zoom.

The Elder Scrolls Online – The Dolmen 1

It's Getting Scary Around Here

October is here. That means pumpkin spice everything, BrickCon (which I'm not at, boo) and heaps of fun halloween MOCs. This piece by vitreolum is as much art as it is seasonal, and who doesn't enjoy a sexy witch? This style of building, which I'm going to dub "silhousaic" (sill-o-say-ic) has become more and more popular with builders, but vitreolum is setting a new bar recently.

Boo Bitchcraft

Astra Luminaria

This is one of those MOCs that makes you go "whaaaaaaaa?" This gorgeous and unconventional space ship by d2hiriyuu is as much art as it is fantastical science fiction. The geodesic construction alone is enough to boggle the mind and delight the eyes. But add to that the surrounding structure and internal illumination and you have one absolutely jaw-dropping piece of art.

Astra Luminaria

Thanks for the head's up Jader!

Ripley's Nightmare

Nothing like surviving a traumatic deep space event involving a murderous xenomorph then hypersleep for 57 years to mess up your sleep cycles huh? When Ripley finally made her way back to earth, she had a few issues to work through, not the least of which was the nightmares. This one in particular, expertly recreated by Grantmasters, would be enough to rattle anyone.

EVE Scorpion Battleship

And so the SHIPtember series of awesome builds continues... 

Pico van Grootveld has engineered this studio-quality model from the EVE online game.  Built on a double beam technic frame, Pico admits gravity was an issue for this 130X120X70, 22lb beast.  "Wouldn't want to be an ABS beam in there!"  No, I certainly would not...  Check out his photostream for close up shots and WIP pics. 

I asked him, as I often do,  if it's swooshable.   He says a swoosh video is in the works, so stay tuned!

EVE online's custom Scorpion battleship | SHIPtember 2015


It's weird how a lifetime of filmmaking has altered the way I look at the world. When I see a scene like this I'm not thinking "wow, cool use of (insert part here)" or "cool, a space MOC". I'm hearing the thrum of the space station, slowly trucking in as the crew enters the scene, listening to the french horns as they play a subtle scene intro sting and watching the visual effects of the energy coursing through the reactor core. Thanks for the spacy, cinematic moment Bricking It.