Tintin Moon Tank

Although Tintin is typically known for his terrestrial adventures he has taken a trip to the moon from time to time. The most significant adventures appear in 1953 and 1954 when fascination in space was at an all time high throughout the world. And what is cooler than trolling around on the moon? Trolling around the moon in a tank of course! This reproduction of Tintin's famous tank from builder Tyler is very true to the original from the comics. Tyler uses many excellent building techniques and details in the reproduction including Titin's dog Snowy in one of the tanks front pods.

Tintin Moon Tank
Tintin Moon Tank Interior

SeaChant Castle

Welcome to SeaChant!

I'm Humphrey Bigalow, assistant vice president of the SeaChant community outreach office. We hope you'll enjoy your stay in our colorful and enchanting land. Be sure to visit the wishing well of Sir Stabsalot and get a pint at The Painful Stub while you're there. Castle tours are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, tickets are recommended. If whale watching is your thing, charter a cruise aboard the Verde Complexion for a unforgettable trip. 

Again, welcome, and if you have any questions or needs just let us know.


SeaChant Castle (Main)

This Is How You End Iron Builder

This was yet another epic round of Iron Builder. Once again I'm floored by the creativity and ingenuity of the builders. And as if the flood of MOCs that somehow incorporated that infernal pitchfork part wasn't enough, builder 6kyubi6 ends this round with a stop motion animation inspired by Jon Rolph's "Paint. A Short Lego Film". Well played sir.

Baserunner MRK-02

This is an impressive beast from builder curtydc. The scale and styling alone would be enough to make you go "whoa", not to mention all the support vehicles that accompany this massive vehicle, but add to that it's remote controlled and "whoa" just doesn't seem to cut it. Take a look at these stats...

- Six 118mm RC4WD Interco IROK 1.9 Scale Tires
- Two XL motors power the 6 wheel drive powertrain
- Two M motors power the 6 wheel steering
- Fully Independent Suspension with 12 Shock Absorbers (2 per wheel)
- Two Battery Boxes 
- Two IR Recievers 
- One Control Switch
- Lots of rubber bands, a couple feet of extension wires, and a lot of blue bricks.

Baserunner MRK-02 (6x6 Exo Recon ATV)
Tactical SV
Tactical Drone
Assault Escort
Medical SV
Container Truck
Rail Defense SYM

Welcome Nerdist Podcast Listeners!

I'm totally stoked to get a mentioned on my favorite podcast! Welcome to my humble little website, here you'll find tons of fantastic creations from LEGO artists and enthusiasts all over the planet. You can also check out my mostly terrible YouTube channel and use these links to find me being semi-social and mostly not funny.


Oh, and here's my most popular video, my interpretation of the coming battle between Batman and Superman.