Galactic Nautilus

Builder Sheo brings us an elegant and stunning craft that looks like it came off the cover of Air & Space magazine. There's a lot to like about this ship but for me the stand out feature is the simple but super effective use of the triangular sign pieces. As you can see in the rear view they're just alternating back and forth and offset in rows, but the effect is excellent.

Galactic Nautilus
Galactic Nautilus - Rear View

For The Vampire Hunter That Has Everything

It's hard work, killing vampires, but it doesn't have to be unfashionable. The well-appointed gentleman slayer keeps all his supplies orderly, and you can too with this deluxe vampire hunter's kit from V&A Steamworks. With all the supplies you might need including holy water, a crucifix, stakes and more. All in a smart and attractive case that lets your prey know you mean business. So before you set out in the night again pick up this kit and always be ready for anything!

Steampunk Vampire Hunter Kit by Guy HImber

Hulkbuster Mech Suit

There's lots to be excited about with the premier of Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Who IS this Ultron guy?  Will our Heroes be victorious?  What kind of outfits will Black Widow be wearing?  And this:  The Hulkbuster Mech Suit!  Tankm has created a highly detailed, fully poseable, and kick-arse version of Tony's ultimate armor.  Check out his photostream for more nifty shots. 



First Order Stormtrooper

Yup, another Star Wars post. I should probably defend myself but I'm not gonna. The new Stormtroopers from The Force Awakens are super badass, and this Brick Sketch from Powerpig is also badass. So, one of my new favorite character designs from my favorite movie franchise built from my favorite toy and art medium by one of my favorite builders, how was I not going to blog it?

The First Order

This Plush Nerdly Can Be Yours!

There's only about two weeks left in the Next Level Nerdly contest on Flickr, and part of the first place prize package is now chillin' at BrickNerd Studios thanks to Flat Bonnie. This is one of only three in the world, hand made and individually numbered (this one is 02). He's super squishy and awesome.

All you need to do is take Nerdly to the next level and upload a picture to the official Flickr group. Not attending Brick Magic? No problem, you can still enter. But if you are coming, please bring your Nerdly to show off. And right now the odds are incredibly good since there's not a single entry yet (meh). But I know taking it to the next level takes time, and I've heard some really cool ideas, so I'm looking forward to what you build. So break out the bricks and I'll see you at Brick Magic!