BrickNerd Live Build - Caterham Seven

I've only ever seen a Caterham Seven in the wild once, at a mall in Irvine CA, but I was instantly smitten. Of course I've seen Caterham cars on TopGear many time, but seeing it in person was different. It's an unusual beast, with a energy even when parked. Well now I get to build one, and you should join me while I do it. It's guaranteed 13% more exciting than watching bananas discolor in real-time. Building starts at 10am PST, see you then!


This is a fun concept. It's a vignette built of smaller hinged vignettes, that can be reconfigured in many ways for display or play. This one is obviously Oktoberfest inspired, with some beer affectionados enjoying some brew, but I can see this being infinitely reconfigurable by adding additional modules, and of course theming. I mean, how cool would it be so see a Star Wars cantina, or a wild west saloon, or a space station. The possibilities are endless.


Small Moments From A Galaxy Far Far Away

I'm really enjoying this series of pictures inspired by Star Wars: A New Hope by builder CozzD. Some are recreations of iconic shots, some are fanciful interpretations, all are top notch lighting and photography. There's even a few with some additional visual effects like smoke, blaster bolts and impacts, all very well done. Click through to see several more pics.

Tantive IV Lego - Expecting Visitors
Death Star Trash Compactor
Droid Recovery & Repair Outpost

LiveBuild Tomorrow!

The fine folks at LEGO were kind enough to send me a copy of the gorgeous new Caterham 7 Ideas set, and I want to build it with YOU! We don't see many of these cool cars here in the states (unless you hang out in Beverly Hills or know Simon Cowell) so they're extra exotic here. I can't wait to build it!

Join me live tomorrow morning at 10am PST, see you then! 


Seeing these last night warmed my nerd heart. It's been far too long since we've seen a character build from Ochre Jelly, so seeing these made me a bit... (wait for it)... emotional (you're welcome).  Me and Iain met through the power of character builds, and the category of Bricks of Character was born because of it. So to my brother-in-BOC, good to see you in fine form again.


S.S. Helios

Sean and Steph Mayo make their triumphant return to the building community with the S.S. Helios, a bombastic starship chock full of great techniques! I especially love the use of the Elves keys, the rows of bright yellowish-orange dishes, and most of all the great texture achieved with the 1x1 round tile hexagons!

S.S. Helios

Teensy Tiny Space Battle

There have been lots and lots and lots of interpretations of the iconic X-wing and TIE fighter over the years, but I don't think any quite as tiny-yet detailed as Grantmasters'. Even if there's one I'm forgetting, six and three pieces to a ship, respectively, is pretty darned impressive, and the greeble background works quite well given the small size.

Damn Rebels!