Batman vs. Superman

Thorsten Bonsch has created this nifty moc exclusively for Blocks Magazine.  It's a lighthearted take on the recent movie concept.  Instead of tearing apart Metropolis, they've opted to take Martha Kent's suggestion to try some one-on-one basketball to settle their differences.  You might have noticed there was a little incident with Clark's heat vision, but looks like Mr. Kent has it under control. 

Batman vs. Superman

Expanded Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy

Builder I Scream Clone is back and has expanded on this brilliant Mos Eisley Cantina MOC from last year and it's just as wretched. It's instantly recognizable as everyone's favorite desert planet (that is of course you're a fan of Jakku, and really, who's not?) and must look awesome side by side with the cantina section. Although, according to the description this is part of a 24 baseplate diorama, and I count six in this and six in the previous. Does that mean we've only seen half of it? If so I can't wait to see the rest (and eventually the whole thing assembled)!

Mos Eisley Spaceport
Mos Eisley Spaceport
Mos Eisley Spaceport

A Blast From The Past

A long time ago in a City far far away I discovered SHIP's. Large Lego Space Ships more than 100 studs long. I was amazed by them, so many different shapes, colours and details. This one, the Centaur LL-72 by Chris Giddens has been a long time favourite. I felt inspired to go and try to build something like this. It has lovely clean lines, enough details to be convincing and maybe a touch of Star Wars about it (in a good way!) I still look back at the SHIP's (Suitably Huge Investment in Parts, I think someone once said) from this time, around 2008 with envious admiration. I did build some SHIP's once, I dropped one, scrapped a few and finally got one on display in 2014, a little late to the party!


This Was The Droid We Were All Looking For!

Lego Megastar Peter Reid has once again come up with a startling mini model. I vaguely remember the Tomy Omnibot from my childhood and this rendition is amazing. Making it look like what I assume is the original advertising finishes the piece nicely. This was built for New Elementary's Nexo-Classic Space Challenge. Its a little worrying that there is a chance of electric shock to children under 6, however I suppose thats the price we pay for having the future now!


John Deere 75G

At first glance this looked like one of those behemoth large machinery MOCs, but take a closer look, it's a surprisingly small large machinery MOC. This John Deere 75G by LegoMathijs is so packed with detail and accurate that you just can't tell how big it is when you first look at it, and I think that in itself is a testament to it's quality. Factor in all the cool little touches like opening panels, detailed engine and decked out interior, and you've got a winning MOC.