Poe's X-Wing In Midi Scale

Midi scale is a tricky but wonderful thing. The size needs to be between minifigure scale and mini, with enough detail to be worth it, but not so much it gets cluttered or messes up the proportions. When done right the results are irresistibly swooshable, like Poe's X-Wing here by Rogue Bantha. Those intakes are inspired genius,


LEGO Gaming Computer

Mad scientist and customizer extraordinaire Mike Schropp is back with another mind-blowing custom computer, this time it's for gaming. This isn't just a matter of wrapping an existing system with a LEGO shell, this is a ground-up, highly customized monster. He even modified the power supply and uses a custom machined heat sink! I won't go into the specs and details here, because there's too much to share. Luckily Mike has an excellent website that breaks down the entire process.

Sugar, Spice, And Everything Nice...

Having raised a millennial, we had plenty of exposure to cartoons in the 90's and 00's. We were steeped in Dexter's Lab, Johnny Bravo, Spongebob, Rugrats and the like. But the one with the best theme song was The Powerpuff Girls (in fact it's still on my iPod). Builder legomichiiiiii built these lovely little ladies. Photo by willgalb

The Powerpuff Girls

"It Was Like That When You Found It!, Really?"

In space, where no one can hear you scream at stuff when it breaks down, here comes a handy repair man and his faithful service droid. These guys from O0ger look ready to take maintenance to another level. Clever use of parts on the Droids little crane arm and its superb wheels really caught my attention. The uniform colour scheme also really pops, I want to see the trusty space pick up they arrive in!