A Life-Size "Realistic" LEGO Head Is Just As Disturbing As You'd Think

Those mad geniuses at Tested have conjured a thing of nightmares. Makeup and monster maker Frank Ippolito designed and built this LEGO inspired costume in record time for San Diego Comic-Con, and it turned out fantastic (and absolutely unsettling). Not only did he make the head, but he fabricated a pair of hands that are just as disturbing. Pair those with his simple red shirt and blue pants and you have something that is simultaneously endearing and frightening. I wish I was able to see this in person on my one day there.

Buckbeak and Black Break Free

With Buckbeak and Sirius Black facing the end of their existence, Harry and Hermione race against time as they use a 'time-turner' to save the beloved Hippogriff and Harry casts a Patronus Charm to escape the Dementors. Kevin Wollert has perfectly captured the scene of Sirius riding Buckbeak to their safety using minifigscale, and microscale for Hogwarts as it disappears from sight. I'm sure there was no magic spell used to create this enchanting piece.

022 - Blacks escape with Buckbeak

Classic Biplane

From the thumbnail I thought that this was a classic wooden toy, but as you can see it's all bricks, 1000 bricks to be exact. I don't read or speak German, so I haven't a clue why builder grubaluk received 1000 2x4 tan bricks from 1000stein, but he turned them into something wonderful. Keep in mind that only 2x4 bricks were used to build this, and if you've ever tried to build something with just those bricks you'll appreciate how difficult it can be,

1000(2x4)steine Biplane

MFS-04 Bison

If I had to pick one word to describe this new mech from Moko, it would have to be "beefy". Just look at the lines on this, the mass, the strength. This is the sort of machine you go into battle with, clomping headlong into the fray. And judging by the firepower on this, it's going to pack a wollup. The color scheme is also very nice, all that olive green gives this a definite military feel.

MFS-04 Bison


LEGO is a fantastic medium for activating imagination. Whenever I see a new build, it gets me thinking about a scene from a movie, or about the potential of a new technique or narrative. But this build by Letranger Absurde is the first LEGO build I've seen that makes me think of a specific sound. Every time I look at this picture, I hear a vivid "splat!" just like in Loony Tunes. That splatted bug makes fantastic use of that weird Toy Story octopus bottom, for a true NPU. Brilliant and hilarious work here, not to mention the on-point character building.

Slime Buster

Review: Tiny LEGO Wonders

Review: Tiny LEGO Wonders

Micro scale building and mini models have always been a favorite of mine. Getting the detail needed and shapes required to convey something recognizable with a minimal number of pieces at a tiny scale is a skill many builders take for granted, or simply don't appreciate. I love scrolling through my Flickr feed and finding something appealing, only to discover upon closer inspection it is an order of magnitude smaller than I had first thought. That moment of "wait, that's only three studs wide?" always makes me smile. Well now No Starch Press and author Mattia Zamboni have assembled an entire volume of such tiny builds, and there's pleasant surprises on every page.

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The Tick - Heroes And Villains

The 90's cartoon series The Tick was known for being quirky, funny and unorthodox, and these miniland scale figures by builder BenSpector42 can be described the exact same way. Sure super strength and invulnerability are nice, but 'drama power', now that's serious. Especially when you're up against a guy with a chair for a head.

The Tick Miniland Heroes
The Tick Miniland Villains