Review - The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder's Guide 2nd Edition

Review - The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder's Guide 2nd Edition

If you've ever built a Technic set, you know what a potentially dizzying complexity they can reach. And if you've ever tried to build your own Technic creation, you know just how deep the rabbit hole goes. The possibilities of connections, complex mechanical structures and intricate linkages is effectively limitless, and can quickly become overwhelming. Well, luckily there's a new resource to navigate those murky waters, The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder's Guide, Second Edition. If you build Technic, you need this book.

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The Bullet-Proof Bomb

Builder redfern1950s continues his quest to build all the vehicles from Wacky Races. This one is another childhood favorite of mine, the Bullet-Proof Bomb, AKA The Roaring Plenty. It was driven by the Ant Hill Mob, seven inept but strangely lovable mobsters. One of their secret tactics was the ability to lift the car and simply run across the finish line, as illustrated in the image below.

Wacky Races " The Bullet-Proof Bomb aka " The Roaring Plenty "

Dash Baron

I've never been good at sports, in fact I consider myself athletically retarded. In my youth I once played baseball for a single season, I was left field (left out) and I was the worse player on the team. We came in last place that year, so for one shining season I was the single worse baseball player here in Lompoc, CA. So the concept Mech racing has a natural appeal to me. First, it's pretty nerdy, and second, with a properly calibrated mech I might actually be kinda good. OK, I wouldn't, but if my mech looked half as cool as this one from Lu Sim, at least I'd look pretty spiffy doing it.

ARMT-M01X-SR Dash Baron

A Full Month Of Half-Blood Prince

BrickNerd's own Mel Finelli has taken on the admirable (if not slightly bonkers) task of building a MOC a day for this entire month inspired by Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. So far she's right on point, and the wonderful little vignettes are a daily delight. Here's just a few of those done so far, and we have plenty more to look forward to.

04 - Horace Slughorn
05 - Excess of Phlegm
06 - Draco's Detour

Königsfeld Manor

Welcome to Königsfeld Manor, in lovely Avalonia, Historica. Sometimes a parts shortage is all the inspiration you need for a brilliant solution, and sometimes that solution is better than the original plan. This lovely castle scene by builder MassEditor was originally going to have a pretty standard irregular border, but short of parts he came up with this very interesting "spilling over" border, which is the touch that makes this diorama really stand out.

Königsfeld Manor

The Covert-A-Car

Builder redfern1950s continues his race to win the internet with his Wacky Races MOCs. This time it's The Convert-A-Car, by far the "wackiest" of the bunch. It's a truly insane contraption that is part boat, plane and car. And while this is personally my least favorite of the vehicles, that judgement is at odds with the fact he has by far the best name, Professor Pat Pending.

Wacky Races " The Convert-A-Car "

And The Winners Are...

It's the moment you've all been waiting for, the winners of Nerdvember 2016. I've said it before and I'll say it again, BrickNerd readers are the most talented, imaginative and awesome builders in the world. I heard it over and over from the judges this year,  "so many good ones". It made it a joy to watch, and difficult to judge, but eventually three winners emerged, here they are in reverse order...

3rd Place
"Take me to your Nerdly..." - ted @ndes

Those lovable aliens from Disney Pixar's Toy Story. It's hard to believe this movie was considered "risky" when it was made. Turns out good story telling is good story telling, who knew?

"Take me to your Nerdly..."

2nd Place
Nerdly Genie - Palixa And The Bricks

You've never had a friend like him! It's the lovable Genie from Aladdin, voiced by the late, great Robin Williams in the role he was born to play.

Nerdly Genie

1st Place
Hatbox Ghost Nerdly - rabidnovaracer

It's a Disneyland legend that recently became a reality, the Hatbox Ghost was an illusion that didn't quite work when the ride opened, and was allegedly removed shortly after (there is much debate about this). This is the first time my personal favorite was the judges' fave too.

Hatbox Ghost Nerdly!

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks again to all that entered. I'd also like to thank the sponsors of this event, you're all awesome. See you next Nerdvember!

And before you ask...
My three favorites were Hatbox Ghost, Steamboat Nerdly and Mickey Mouse Nerdly
I didn't vote
I use a ranking system for voting, judges are asked to give their favorite three in order, a score of 3 is assigned to first, 2 to second and 1 to third. 
Judges will remain anonymous ( you know who you are, and you're awesome)