24 Hours Of Creations For Charity

Those mad men at Beyond the Brick and Creations for Charity are going to kick off the holiday shopping season by hosting a 24 hour livestream starting tomorrow, black Friday. From 5pm EST Friday to 5pm EST Saturday they are going to be live. And for every hour they are on LEGO has pledged to donate a set to Creations for Charity. I plan to join them either late Friday or early Saturday. no idea what I'll do, but you can bet it'll be fun.

Delightfully Retro

Tomorrow I will break out the Christmas carols for the first time of the year. We usually decorate for Christmas after feasting on Turkey and we'll listen to carols as we do it. Especially fun when I break out the vinyl, since I have all the records we listened to as a child. Back then they were played on a console very similar to this brilliant old school turntable by Yul Burman Karel.

LEGO MOC - Vintage Turntable with Cassette

Dungeons And Mixels

You enter a small corridor, the dank smell of mildew and death burns your nostrils as you transfer the flame of your torch to the one on the wall. As the torch flickers to life more of the hall is revealed. There is a door to the left, and one to the right, what do you do? I'll tell you what you do, you break out your bricks and get building for the Iron Builder D&D Mixels Contest! Now roll a 10x and get building!