Welcome To Aurora

I've been watching the Flickr feeds of Legohaulic and NannanZ for a while with fascination, if not confusion. The lovely but mysterious little floating island MOCs were showing up regularly, but no real description was given. Well the mystery is over and the results of their combined efforts are nothing less than jaw dropping, Aurora.

The collaborative build is comprised of several large and many small floating islands positively bustling with foliage and whimsical structures. The color pallet, building style and overall design is just stunning. There are a great many more pictures to enjoy on both of their photo streams, I invite you to click through and relish.


Sennecks' Reside

Builder Legonardo Davidy has done it again, just look at this amazing MOC. Only a few short years ago I wouldn't have believed shapes and structures like this were possible with our favorite building material, but I'm continually amazed and delighted by builders who push the limits and boundaries of the hobby. There's so many things I love about this I don't know where to start, so I'll just invite you to stare along with me.

Sennecks' Reside

Three Wheels Of Retro Fun

This slick, three wheeled wonder comes to us courtesy of builder Vince Toulouse. I love the retro-future styling, the clean design and the simple but effective color scheme. It's fantastic enough to really catch your eye, but utilitarian enough that you would almost think it's real. Of course the real burning question is would I drive it? Yes, yes I would.



When I was in high school I got my first camera, the venerable Pentax K1000. I learned all the principals of photography with that camera, and it holds a special place in my heart. So to see it (or at least a generic contemporary) in brick form from one of my favorite builders was a total squee moment this morning (luckily no one was around). Powerpig presents his latest addition to his mini camera series, the SLR. And the best news is a building guide is in the works so we can all have this little baby on our shelves.

Update: Chris revealed a little secret included in the kit he'll be selling soon, the back opens to reveal the film! The special printed bricks by customBRICKS really completes it.

Mini Camera (SLR)
Inside the Mini Camera (SLR)

Comic Bricks Coming To Designer Con

Some of the nerdiest and coolest LEGO artists are banding together to bring a unique art display to Designer Con 2014, Comic Bricks! One-of-a-kind MOCs inspired by classic and contemporary comic book covers like this totally awesome HULK cover by Monsterbrick. I've signed on to create one (this was before I started working 12 hour days, 6 day weeks on a film) and I really wish I could get to my studio to start building. Designer Con will be in Pasadena Nov 8-9 and will also have a full STUDS display as in years past. Please join us!

I remember when comics were 30 cents