This impossibly rich environment is from Raoulosos. There's no info posted with the pics and I don't know if this is from a movie, a video game or an incredible imagination, but it's stunning. The rock work alone is impressive, but the color palette, the details and the part use is just awesome. Plus there's lighting effects, fantastic flora and fauna and a technological overlay that just makes your jaw drop. Click through for more and larger pics, it's totally worth it.


Bandages Delivered By Snail

This MOC is overflowing with whimsy. It depicts Teeny Weeny and his racing snail on a mission of mercy, delivering bandages to the plague victims of Avalonia. I have no idea what that means, but it's a wonderful little MOC. Builder Robuko has issued a challenge too: post a MOC of Kaliphlinites providing Avalonians with bandages by May 1st. Yeah, I don't know what that means either.

Bandages for the sick

Totally Tubular!


Simon Surfwax, a young brash surfer type approaches an older man holding an inner tube, ready for some fun in the water. Simon can't help but notice what the man is wearing, a very old fashioned bathing suit. He plants his board in the sand and snickers.


Whoa dude, totally radical knickers you got there

Older Man

These aren't knick...oh, my bathing attire.
I was assured this was the proper dress.


You gotta be a total babe magnet in those threads, eh bro?

The older man is taken aback and confused, he studies himself and looks carefully at his inner tube. For the first time we notice there is something slightly odd about what's visible through the hole in the middle, a strange distortion, almost like shimmering heat off a hot paved road. The old man looks back at Simon. 

Older Man

What does magnetism have to do with this?

Simon has had his fun, he smiles sarcastically and grabs his board. With a dismissive wave he trots off down to the water. The older man stands puzzled for a moment, then sighs.

Older Man

Clearly more calibration is needed.

With that he bends down and begins to crawl through the hole in his TIME PORTAL as he does, space/time bends around him. And with a flash and a pop, he disappears.

Suit Yourself


If you have the bricks and have a wish
You may need to build yourself a fish

And in a bowl you can place your fish
Because fish don't live on a dish

But you won't need water in the bowl
So exercise self-control

And if fish are not your pet of choice
You have other options, so rejoice

Because bricks can be any shape you like
Like a fluffy cat or a dog named Spike

So build your wish, that's my motto
Like Daiman's version here of Otto