Long Range Scout

Feast your eyes on the NCS greebly goodness that is hhcBrick's Long Range Scout. It's got all the hallmarks of neo classic space, classic blue and light grey, yellow canopies, bumble-bee stripes and fantastic retro style design. But the real jaw dropper on this craft is when you flip it over. Proper greebs should look functional as well as complicated, not just a bunch of stuff attached, this is how it's done!

LL 228 Long Range Scout – three-quarters view.jpg
LL 228 Long Range Scout - underside 02

Micro 8094

I've always been fascinated by the Technic Control Center. It came out during my reluctant dim age, when I was struggling to get into the film industry and truly a starving artist. I never got one, I had no money, but I remember ogling at it in the toy store. To tell the truth I'm not even totally sure of it's capabilities. I'm equally fascinated with this micro scale version of the set by builder byStfn.

8094 LEGO Technic Control Center