RC McLaren Senna

I remember having an RC car back in the day. An awesome cherry red Ferrari Enzo with silver rims and even headlights that you could turn on. This bad boy would zoom around the house at ungodly speeds, until it would eventually crash into a wall every time. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure my 8 year old self would not mind having this McLaren Senna by morimorilego instead. A new ride built out of my favorite toy! But I can’t imagine the damage of crashing this RC car into a wall. Absolutely brutal.

A Healthy Start

There’s nothing like waking up Sunday morning to the smell of breakfast being cooked over the stove. It’s a great way to start the day and let us not forget that it is the most important meal of the day! -Little John has given us a delicious appetizer for his new series of builds that will probably make me hungry every time I look at them. But above all, this moc shows that every one deserves a healthy and fresh start, even those broken pieces of brown Lego.

Garden Dragon

Ah, we found it! The beautiful garden dragon. These incredibly rare and mostly nocturnal creatures are not indigenous to the area, but have thrived in secrecy since their introduction by a mysterious cult in the late 1960’s. While they’re not aggressive they do have sharp teeth and a hallucinogenic venom which gave them the nickname “spook dragons” from the vivid and scary visions associated with their bite. I’m not going to make eye contact, but just back away slowly…

beautiful build timofey_tkachev

Old Faithful Soyuz

In a time where rockets are being developed at an astonishing pace and the private space industry is booming, it is important to remember the faithful methods of transportation that have served us time and time again in the past. The Soyuz rocket program is one of these and Jussi Koskinen has created a beautiful replica that even includes a mini Soyuz capsule. This behemoth of a rocket is worthy of being displayed next to my Saturn V rocket as a reminder of the ingenuity of humanity.

Coastal Base And The Swordfish

Sky-Fi master Jon Hall is back with not only a brilliant new aircraft, but the wonderful home base of The Swordfish. The aircraft is a whimsical combination of pontoons, open cockpit, inverted gull wings, duel booms, bomber nose and pusher, and it just works. The base looks like a place I’d like to hang out and have a fruity tropical drink between sorties.