It's The Last Day Of The Pledge Drive (Sorta)

The month of July is drawing to a close, and the 2014 BrickNerd Pledge Drive with it. But I'm still giving stuff away (check out Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!) including this totally jaw-dropping assortment from the fine humans at customBRICKS. Of course donations are always happily accepted, and I'm giving swag away all the time, so I guess it never really stops.


Wake Me Up When We Get There

The eighties were a great time for visual effects. Computer generated imagery was in it's infancy and unproven so filmmakers relied on clever tricks and careful planning to make unique visuals. Unlike today, where it's just an onslaught of 50 foot robots beating the hell out of each other in polygonal pixel porn. The movie Aliens was a great example of the former, and this MOC by Missing Brick not only pays tribute to the scene and set of the cryotubes, but also the brilliant way it was accomplished, with mirrors.

Wraiths On Treads

Here's a thing of nightmares, or maybe a nerdgasmic mashup, up to you. Builder Chris Darmawan dared to imagine what the Nazgul would do with a little military upgrade, and I have to say it would be terrifying to see this roaring at you across the rocky plains of Mordor. It's like Batman and the Witch King got together and spent a little time in the garage. 

When Nazgul have a tank

Oh and if it wasn't cool enough standing still, it's motorized!

Happy Birthday Brothers Brick!

The fine humans at TBB were some of the first friends I made when I jumped into the AFOL scene back in 2009. They showed me just how awesome the people of this community are and made me feel very welcome. I look forward to seeing them every year at BrickCon and I've been visiting their website at least once a day for years. Today they celebrate their 9th birthday, let's all sing along....

LiveBuild Tonight With Special Guest Joe Meno!

Hey LEGO fans we're going live again tonight to build 10244 Fairground Mixer and I'm very happy to be joined by none other than BrickJournal Editor-In-Chief and AFOL superstar Joe Meno! We'll also be giving away a load of free stuff to supporters and fans including badge bricks, Nerdly bricks, books, props from Beyond the Brick and an Exo Suit! Speaking of supporting, we're still having our 2014 Pledge Drive and really appreciate all your donations.

We'll start building at 6pm PST, join us!