The Burrow

It's the Weasley family homestead!  From the Harry Potter series, if you're not already familiar.  Marcel V. presents his largest moc to date, and what a build it is.  Ingenious techniques abound in this display, and Marcel gives credit where credit is due.  If you happen to be at the Comic Con in Germany, you can see it in person.  And yes, Harry, it is brilliant!

The Burrow

Wrath Of Vaal

One of the real crowd pleasers at BrickWorld Chicago was VirtuaLUG's Miniland Putt Putt collaboration, and one of the contributors was BrickNerd's own El Barto. This is his Star Trek inspired segment of the course, inspired by the episode The Apple. I haven't played miniature golf in ages, but if the courses where more like this, I think I'd be more inclined to go...because Vaal calls to me. Let us go to him. He hungers...for balls.

Wrath of Vaal !
Wrath of Vaal !

A Story of War

Often, a good LEGO build hints at a backstory, but a great one tells a story of its own. This fairly simple build by legophthalmos showing a samurai warrior departing for battle is an excellent example of how to effectively tell a complex story with a visual medium like LEGO. The thought-provoking narrative shown here, combined with some very slick building, makes for an impressive overall effect.

departure of the Samurai

Borderlands 2 Collaborative

Collaborative builds, especially on this scale, are hard to cover and do justice to the MOCs. After months of work, the builder group GamerLUG (Nick Brick, Lego Junkie, Si-MOCsDR.ChurchMasked BuilderAlec_DEdgelessAbyss) combined forces to present a show stopping and trophy winning Borderlands 2 display. As much as I'd like to feature every individual MOC, there's just not enough time, so I'll invite you to visit all these builders' individual Flickr streams and check out the video.

Psycho, Mechromancer class Gaige & Deathtrap, Mr. Torgue, and Angel - Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2: Return to Pandora, hero shot.
Borderlands2: Return to Pandora