Tadano Mobile Crane

Way back when I built a lot of Technic. Not really my own MOCs, but I did buy a lot of sets, especially the big ones. So I have a somewhat vague idea what went into the engineering behind this behemoth by builder Engineering with ABS. But I'll emphasize vague, because even the largest LEGO produced set pales in comparison to this mechanical marvel. Just check out the specs in the bottom picture, it's really impressive. Click through for more pics and specs.

Tadano AR-1200M Mobile Crane 03
Tadano AR-1200M Mobile Crane 01
Tadano AR-1200M Mobile Crane 07

Большой Космический Аппарат

I didn't even know I could read Russian.  When I saw this beast of a creation buy Timofey Tkachev, I said, "Dude! That's one huge spaceship!"  Turns out that's what the title means with a little help from Google Translate: Large Spacecraft

It's a fascinating design, with all sorts of complicated angles and components.  If you scroll through the photostream, you'll see some WIP shots that show parts of the internal structure.  I'm not sure if it's inspired by a movie, video game, or just Timofey's keen imagination, but whatever the language: Awesome!



NERDvember is almost over!

Well folks it's almost over. But the good news is if you still want to build, you still have three days. So what are you waiting for?

I'd like to give a big shout to one last sponsor, BRICKSTUDS and my buddy Brandon Griffith. STUDS is a series of collector cards featuring AFOLs from around the world. I have the distinct honor of having a card of my own in series 1 and I'm very happy that there will be some packs in the prize packages this year.

The clock is ticking, it's a four day weekend (at least here in the US) and you're out of excuses. Break out the bricks and get building!

Sisyphus Kinetic Sculpture

JK Brickworks has come up with a crafty LEGO version of everybody's favorite boulder pusher from Greek mythology.  Doomed to an eternity of rolling that huge rock up a hill, only to watch it tumble back to the bottom, Sisyphus probably shouldn't have tried to outsmart Zeus.  That never ends well.  Check out the video to see the cutaway and all the interesting technic bits inside.  You might just end up watching it over and over and over...

Sisyphus Kinetic Sculpture

Viper: F78 Freya's Mercy

Mark Stafford has come up with a nifty Viper design, just as Nnovvember draws to a close.  What really caught my attention was the cockpit detail shot.  But the beefy guns and saucer wings create some dramatic visual interest as well. 

There's still time, boys and girls, to build your own!  Pascal will be stitching together a poster of all the Vic Vipers, so follow his instructions if you want to be a part of it.  Unless you're still recovering from a Turkey Coma or Black Friday shopping...




I happened into the room while my son was watching Death Note a couple months ago. I was impressed with the art style and concept, and fascinated with this guy, Ryuk. He's almost like Jiminy Cricket's alter ego, getting into your head and wreaking havoc mainly because he was bored. The series is dark, very dark, but strangely beautiful, much like this bust of Ryuk by builder Combee