Painted On The Sprue

I've made no secret of my affection for Pete Reid and Yvonne Doyle. They were my best friends during my time in London. It is truly an honor to have yourself immortalized as a Minifig, and I consider it an honor to know them. This little tribute to classic plastic model building is perfect, and what I've come to expect from one of the best builders in the world.

We are minifigs


My affection for Nintendo is well known, so it probably comes as no surprise that this is getting blogged. Builder One More Brick has crafted a series of everyone favorite bubblegum lump Kirby. I know, Kirby isn't bubblegum, but to this day that's what he reminds me of. My favorite Kirby title is the one no one else seems to remember, Kirby's Pinball Land.


Farewell, Colbert Report

As most of you know, Stephen Colbert and Comedy Central aired the last episode of The Colbert Report last night. I'm sad to see it go, but happy for Stephen and I'll be tuning in to The Late Show when he takes over next year. This was my first real MOC when I joined the ranks of the AFOL community. It was warmly received and has a special place in my heart, as does Stephen.