Size Matters Not!

Full disclosure: builder John Stephens is a contributor to this group blog of ours, but that alone doesn't disqualify him from having his always quality MOCs written up on this site. Using those 4x4 round plates as bases for his "Pocket Heroes" collection, John's latest creations are somewhat reminiscent of the forthcoming LEGO Dimensions series. And with creative use of smaller elements like t-nozzles, battle droid torsos, cheese slopes and round 1x1 tiles, these little bots prove that Yoda's old adage is true! 

The Floating Island Of Todaidh Beag

This is stunning work. Behold the floating island of Todaidh Beag (no idea how to pronounce that) by Cesbrick. This is a top notch combination of mad building skills, excellent color use, fantastic tilted timber construction, whimsical subject matter, stellar photography and well done photo editing. In other words, it's practically perfect in every way. Click through for more pics!

The Floating Island of Todaidh Beag
The Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

They call me the Seeker...

One of my perennial favorite mecha builders, Lu Sim, has upgraded an older frame, and I must say the results are stunning. Everything here looks functional, and the long range rifle looks capable of dishing out some serious hurt. I also love that the builder takes the time to craft an excellent backstory and loadout, something that adds a lot of extra flair to his builds.



Fans of Alien, one of the best science fiction films of all time, will recognize this craft. This is the Narcissus, the shuttle craft/life boat of the Nostromo. The original was designed by Ron Cobb and built by Martin Bower and Phil Rae. This version was built by Sir Nadroj, and it's practically perfect. Despite it's simplistic shape, this model was not easy to build I'm sure, but I for one appreciate the effort, it's gorgeous.

The Narcissus
The Narcissus

Xylophone Of Terror

We all had one, but there's a dark secret to the child's xylophone (and all children's musical instruments). That secret is that no parent ever bought their child one of these! They're always from a friend without kids, an aunt or uncle without a clue or a neighbor with a grudge. And while we all thought we were making music what we were really making is parental aural trauma. But I do like this one by builder legoadam, mostly because it will only go "tack tack tack" and if you play too loud, it'll just fall apart.


Happy Birthday Brothers Brick!

I think it was around 2006-2007 when I discovered the larger AFOL community. One of the first sites that became a daily visit was The Brothers Brick. In 2009 started posting my first MOCs to Flickr, and when my Colbert Report was blogged by TBB I was honored and humbled. Shortly after that I attended my first BrickCon, where I met Andrew and Josh. They warmly welcomed me to the community and we were instant friends. Just over two years ago when I was tossing around the idea of starting my own blog Andrew was one of the biggest proponents and his wisdom helped shape BrickNerd in the early days. I still visit TBB every day, and I'm grateful to call all those guys (and girl) friends. Congratulations on a decade of LEGO nerdiness, love you guys!