DT-92 Dropship

This looks like a shot out of a movie, so I'm instantly fascinated of course. Ben Smith's dropship and APC look totally ready for action on whatever distant planet they're about to descend upon. I like to think it's some sort of rescue mission, where a hostile alien encounter is about to happen. But it's just as rad if they drop in, drive around for a bit, stop for some donuts then call for dust off.

DT-92 Rigellian Dropship and APC

Newt's Case

So you watched the stores, tracked the delivery trucks, bribed the clerks and fought the kids at Walmart and managed to score some of the new LEGO Harry Potter Collectible Minifigures or the new sets, so now what? Well, if you're builder LEGO 7 you build a replica of Newt's case to carry Newt, Tina, Jacob and Queenie, and it's absolutely magical.

Newt's Case
Newt's Case


I'll be honest, I haven't completely wrapped my head around this latest offering from Ochre Jelly, mostly because I have practically no knowledge of Voltron, old or new. Iain describes this series as a "LEGO love note to the amazing animated Netflix show VOLTRON : LEGENDARY DEFENDER." and having not seen it, the characters mean nothing to me. But they are superbly built with the detail, flair and panache that I've come to expect from Iain, and they make me curious about the show. Click through for the whole series.

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Space ships | Voltron | KORG

Man With The Golden Gun

No, not the Bond villain, this is a different villain, namely Frau Irene Engel from Wolfenstein. Come to think of it, she's also not a man, ignore that title, it makes no sense. Nick Brick built this ornate beauty, using only official LEGO pearl gold elements. This is a build restriction that would challenge even the best builders, but Nick pulls it off beautifully. 

Gold Pistole 1946 - Wolfenstein


She's an absolute icon, and synonymous with all things Disney. She started every TV show and ends the fireworks show at Disneyland. She is if course Tinkerbell. This rendition by reticence is instantly recognizable and absolutely magical. Fun fact: the first lady to make the flight as Tinkerbell was the legendary Tiny Kline, a 70 year old circus performer. The best part is how she ended every flight, by slamming into a mattress held by two dudes.