Filia's Bakery Is A Feast For The Eyes

Since those very early days when people figured out mixing crushed wheat with water and getting it hot made for a pretty good snack humans have been baking. And it wasn’t long after that the art was perfected and the baker was born. Fast forward to medieval times and we meet Filia, star baker of the nine kingdoms, built by roΙΙi, and making me crave some pastries.

Filia's Bakery

Starman And His Roadster

This is officially the first SHIPtember 2018 build we’ve featured on BrickNerd. Now I know what you’re thinking, “hey, that’s a car, not a spaceship”. But take another look, this is Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster and Starman, who is presently cruising through our solar system. Assuming the battery is still good we can assume he’s still listening to Space Oddity too. Nice build brickfrenzy.

roadster 01
roadster 07

I Thought They Were Supposed To Be GOOD For Your Eyesight!

I don’t care much for carrots. When I eat a chicken pot pie, I usually pull them out and set them aside for corgi consumption (you can be assured they are watching me eat said pie, like they are watching me eat biscuits with my tea right now). This MOC by Legohaulic is doing nothing for my aversion to them either, and I’m guessing that bunny is also no longer a fan.

Healthy Snack

A New Challenger Approaches

I have lots of memories of playing F-ZERO X on the Nintendo 64 with my brothers. While I never much cared for Captain Falcon and his Blue Falcon rendered fantastically in micro scale by Angka, I generally went for lighter higher acceleration racers. What I like the most about this is it is built on a pullback racer frame, so Captain Falcon can show you his moves on the straights as this build rockets down the table.