Hey! Listen!

As if there was any doubt I'd blog this. I know how you feel Link, Navi could be a bit of a nudge sometimes, but always well-meaning. This MOC by Legohaulic seems to have been in direct response to a MOC by Iron Builder rival Siercon and Coral. Yeah, it's on like Donkey Kong! (or at least Zelda). Fun fact, my alert sound on my phone is Navi saying "hey!"

Lalalalala Not Listening!

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman!

KAPOW! Check out this awesome Batmobile Cuusoo project of the classic 60's Batman. I can't decide what I love the most about this, that it's classic Adam West campiness, the design itself or the fact that it all started with a dad building a Batmobile for his daughter so Robin could ride along too. Regardless I want one, and if you want one too let's all support this project and make it a reality!

1941 Graham Hollywood

The cars of the 30's 40' and 50's were so damn cool. Design back then was just different, builders were craftsmen, and manufacturing focused on beauty and quality, not just sales. It seeped into all aspects of design, from architecture to kitchen appliances. But cars were particularly well designed. This version of the Hollywood by Rabidnovaracer is as beautiful as the car that inspired it.

1941 Graham Hollywood

Calvary Walker

I love a good unorthodox part use. Take this walker by Vince Toulouse, the hull is actually skate park ramps/arena corners. Most people would look at these parts and think "skate park", but an exceptional builder looks at it and thinks "ship hull" or "roof" or "robot head". There's just no end to what those little plastic parts can be, it's what I love about LEGO the most.