Ghost White Fighters

There's a certain museum quality to these fighters by builder ChristiansCreations. The stark white models, something this builder specializes in, seem more 'sculpted' than 'built', probably because they evoke images of items cast in plaster, or chiseled from marble. Regardless I think they would look fantastic on any collector's shelf, and makes me wonder if something like this offered from LEGO would sell, hmmm.

Ghosts Of Galaxy Past


Everybody has a little bit of Bender in them, they just have varying levels of capacity to override the urge to tell people what they really think (except on Facebook, where that urge is strangely diminished). But you have to sorta admire the guy (robot, being...whatever) for just looking out for number one. You also have to really admire Lego Junkie for this excellent rendition of Bender, it's pretty much perfect.

Futurama: Bender

X-Wing Cross-Section

I love a MOC that stops me in my tracks and makes me go...well, how do I spell it? Hhwoooooooww? It's sort of a intake of air, while dropping the jaw, raising the eyebrows, widening the eyes and making an "O" shape with the lips, it's pretty primal. Go ahead, try it! To make it easier check out this radical cross-section Incom T-65 X-Wing Fighter by builder Inthert. It should happen pretty naturally.

T-65 X-wing: V2 (cross-section 1)
T-65 X-wing: V2 (cross-section 2)

Death By MMO

I share builder vitreolum's befuddlement at this phenomenon. Yes, people actually die while playing MMO games. They get way too into it and play for days without eating, drinking or sleeping and *whump*. I can understand "getting in the zone", I'm guilty of going deep during a creative endeavor and getting to the end of the day before realizing I hadn't eaten all day, but how one goes multiple days, and playing a game no less, is beyond me. I don't know what game this poor chap was playing, but it must have been immersive...perhaps too immersive.

Death by MMO