Review: Brick Warriors German Flametrooper

Review: Brick Warriors German Flametrooper

The fine folks at Brick Warriors were kind enough to send over one of their latest releases, the German Flametrooper. While I'm not a military builder, we have had military scenes in a couple animations done here over the last few years, so we do keep an assortment of military accessories on hand. And now we have a particularly badass set.

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Coyote Tango

I remember when I was discovering that I was not alone in my adult LEGO fandom one of the first creations that sorta blew my mind was an elaborate mech. I'm sure if I want back and found that exact model it would be pretty tame by today's standards, but it was still my first "wait, that's LEGO?" moment. I'm sure if I had seen this stunning mech by LEGO 7 I would have just kept scrolling, because it wouldn't have even registered as brick built from a thumbnail.


El Camino

It takes one flip through a Sears Wishbook or a rerun of the Gong Show to remind yourself just how unattractive the 70's were. Things like avocado appliances and bellbottoms not only existed, they were popular. It is in this environment that things like wood paneling, orange on brown paint paint schemes and the shag dashboard were allowed to happen. So for LUGNuts' latest challenge "cult following", builder Lino M had to audacity to built an El Camino, with an orange on brown paint job...and it's friggin' awesome. It defies all logic, but he pulled it off.

'78 El Camino
'78 El Camino

It's Better Down Where It's Wetter

It never fails to amaze me what a simple seed part can inspire. This magical MOC depicting the undersea world of Disney's The Little Mermaid all stems from the black fan you see on Tritan's tail. That's the seed part in this round of the ABS Builder Challenge, and that's all builder Nuju Metro needed to inspire all of this.

The Undersea Kingdom