As halloween approaches it’s time for things to get a little spooky. Builder chubbybots thinks so too and created this wonderful werewolf. And as I’m typing this my dogs are begging for biscuits behind me, which got me wondering, what do you suppose a werecorgi would look like? I mean, why does it have to be a wolf? I can assure you corgis can be pretty fierce too, just way more adorable when they’re doing it.


The Main Man Up North

As the end of the year quickly approaches I hope you’ve all been good boys and girls, because Santa is coming. Right about now he’s checking lists and the elves are working overtime to get everything ready. You know who’s not getting coal in his stocking? Builder bauer585 that’s who. Check out this little tribute the the man in red here, a warm, cozy little setting with everyone’s favorite gift being delivered inside a gift.


Rotten Pumpkin

Fall is here. I know this by the subtle clues that have been left for me, like falling leaves, Halloween stuff in every store, and pumpkin spice everything at every turn. While I’ll happily pass on pumpkin spice marshmallows thank you very much, I do have to say I dig this imaginative and whimsical biplane from builder Markus "madstopper78" Ronge. It’s part of his larger epic fantasy world Full Steam, which it getting so much more intricate and expansive that soon I’m sure we’ll all remember watching episodes and arguing about whether or not it’s real.

Flintlocke's Fighter Plane "Rotten Pumpkin"
Netbrix "Full Steam" S. 1/Ep. 6 "Lights Out!"


Back when the daily arrival of a newspaper was commonplace, the comics section was one of the most popular. Headline, sports, funny-pages. That’s when people would actually start reading. And in 1989, Dilbert and the megalomaniacal Dogbert arrived on the scene. The sarcasm surrounding office politics, micromanagement, and new technology really struck a chord. As did these guys when I saw them, by builder grubaluk. I wonder what kind of scheme Dogbert is hatching today?

Dilbert and Dogbert 1