Ronin Titan

I still haven't played Titanfall, nor am I likely too, unless it somehow ends up on Wii U (yeah, I finally got one of those), and even then, my gaming time is really limited. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate all the cool stuff from the game. Take this Ronin Titan mech by Nick Brick for instance, no idea what it does or who's side it's on, but I dig it.

Ronin Titan - Titanfall 2

Technic Ford Edge

This Technic Ford Edge by builder chumuhou is pretty insane. There's no description or links to learn more about it, so I can't tell you what specific features it has, but the battery pack and motors visible from below make it look like a fully functioning RC car. The body styling is fantastic, right down to the Ford emblem on the awesome front grill. 


Middle Earth Mech

This MOC by Silent Builder certainly would have made the battle of the Chamber of Mazarbul a little more interesting. They have a cave troll eh? Well, we have Gimli in his exosuit! I don't know how this thing is powered, but I would love to see it in action. Makes me wonder how a whole alternate Tolkien universe would look with this tech...hmmmmm.

Gimli's exosuit moc
Gimli's exosuit moc

Stunning 7ft Star Destroyer

You know you're building on a whole different level when your MOC requires special handling and support, a team to construct and you can't find a background large enough to shoot a picture of it. This absolutely magnificent Star Destroyer would impress even the dark lord himself. At over 7 feet long and weighing in at about 42k bricks, it's a stunning achievement. More pictures are promised from OliveSeon, but these and a few more on their photostream will have to hold you for now.


There's never a shortage of LEGO Batman on Flicr, so it takes some clever building or a hook to stand out. This MOC by gan.marco is a pretty sweet chibi style Batman, on a cool base with the bat's iconic symbol prominently displayed. But what makes this MOC stand out is the super secret miniature Batcave hidden in the base. Turn it around to reveal the teeniest, tiniest, cutest Tumbler you ever did see.

2016_Batman TDK 2
2016_Batman TDK 8
2016_Batman TDK 10