Scarecrow & Batman

On Halloween we all face our fears, even Batman. Of all the evil villains of Gotham, Scarecrow has to be one of the scariest. Let's face it, Penguin isn't scary, and Poison Ivy is just, well, you know. But Scarecrow...*shudder*. This version by vitreolum strikes all the right notes. And just check out his awesome Batman, it's a one-two character punch!

Welcome to my world, Batman!

HE-98 Halberd

Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane...actually it is a plane. It's another stunning fantasy aircraft from Jon Hall. This one is particularly awesome since it's asymmetrical and totally reminds me of the B-Wing from Star Wars. Like all of his planes this one sports excellent design, amazing color work and custom decals, plus this one sports working flaps. And as always a pilot ready for action.

He-98 Halberd
He-98 Halberd
He-98 Halberd

Holy Amazing Reproductions Batman!

This here is a trifecta of total awesome. Builder and illustrator polywen has assembled a side by side by side of his reproductions of classic issue #27 of Detective Comics, the premier of Batman. In the middle is his inspiration, the original cover from 1939. On the right is his excellent LEGO minifig illustration. And on the left is his mind-blowing MOC for the Comic Bricks art show for DesignerCon 2014.