When I was in high school I got my first camera, the venerable Pentax K1000. I learned all the principals of photography with that camera, and it holds a special place in my heart. So to see it (or at least a generic contemporary) in brick form from one of my favorite builders was a total squee moment this morning (luckily no one was around). Powerpig presents his latest addition to his mini camera series, the SLR. And the best news is a building guide is in the works so we can all have this little baby on our shelves.

Mini Camera (SLR)

Comic Bricks Coming To Designer Con

Some of the nerdiest and coolest LEGO artists are banding together to bring a unique art display to Designer Con 2014, Comic Bricks! One-of-a-kind MOCs inspired by classic and contemporary comic book covers like this totally awesome HULK cover by Monsterbrick. I've signed on to create one (this was before I started working 12 hour days, 6 day weeks on a film) and I really wish I could get to my studio to start building. Designer Con will be in Pasadena Nov 8-9 and will also have a full STUDS display as in years past. Please join us!

I remember when comics were 30 cents

Steamy Typewriter

I'm about to age myself again. I learned to type on a high school. Yes, we had computers back then, but they weren't in every classroom, and typing was considered a very good skill to have so we sat at rows and rows of typewriters hacking out fff jjj ddd kkk. For the record they were more advanced than this steampunk version by timofey_tkachev, but nowhere near as beautiful. Just look a the styling and details on this baby, gorgeous.

1-LEGO steampunk typewriter HQ
3-LEGO steampunk typewriter HQ

Stonewald Docks

Let's be honest here for a second, only shady dealings ever go down at a castle's port. Need to fence some goods? Trade some poor soul into slavery for quick cash? Find a rogue to do your evil bidding? Look no further than this city's local docks.

Builder Becheman has been on a tear lately with his Lands of Roawia contributions. This specific build features a well-built cutter and a small section of the city docks. While I am not a huge fan on the bley colored water style, it has been growing on me lately, especially when the builder is trying to express a gloomy feel to the creation.

LoR Lenfald LC XVI - Stonewald Docks

Out For A Spin In The Federation Rover

One of the peculiarities lunar astronauts experienced while visiting our moon was a lack of scale and distance while on the surface. Without classic depth cues like atmosphere they had some difficulty gauging distance and size of objects. Well premiere space builder and all around swell guy Pete Reid's latest MOC is capable if a similar peculiarity. At first glance it looks like a cute, classic rover with trailers. That is until you start looking closer and recognize some of the parts. That's actually a flashlight fig piloting that rover, and that lovely base is actually two studs deep. The whole thing is far bigger than you first expected huh? Brilliant.

Federation Rover

Guardian Arrives

Here's a little dose of neo classic space goodness, in the form of a huge mech from builder SweStar to compliment his already spectacular hanger. I love the classic color scheme on this beast, with it's yellow cockpit and blue details. And of course there's the hanger itself, which is already an impressive environment populated with really cool stuff. That giant classic space logo is an awesome touch too.

Guardian arrives