Marvel Mixel Masterpieces

As the world's nerd population descends upon San Diego California (this nerd included) all manner of dedication to the universe of comics and pop culture is on display. Builder monsterbrick has assembled his own band of heroes mashing up Marvel and the fabulous ball joints from the Mixels line (with a few fun eyeballs to boot). There's some seriously pose-able super hero action going on here.

Monster's Marvel Mixel Masterpieces
Punisher Sentinel Series
Wolverine Sentinel Series
Thor of Asgard Sentinel Series

Teeming With Bugs

On a recent visit to Hawaii I remembered something about home that I take for granted, very few bugs. It takes a trip outside your bubble sometimes to realize what you have. Not that I have anything against bugs (at least the ones that don't want to nibble on me). But I suppose if all bugs had fun googly eyes like these from legorobo:waka they would be more entertaining to be around.


The BrickNerd Pledge Drive Is Still On

We're still taking donations in the 2014 BrickNerd pledge drive and there's still many, many things to give away. I've already given away dozens of items, some quite rare and valuable, to friends of the site and show. Thanks to the many people that have donated, offered up items to give away or just had encouraging words (it's all support as far as I'm concerned). Speaking of giveaways, check out this haul being donated by the always awesome customBRICKS! There's over $250 worth of stuff here, some items available only in this bundle, and it can be yours! In addition they're giving away a very cool Supergirl custom minifgure! You don't have to make a donation to be eligible either (but of course we really appreciate it), just sending a note, retweeting or commenting on Facebook could score you some sweet, sweet swag!

Benny's Mini Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP!

If you've seen The LEGO Movie (you have, haven't you?) you'll remember Benny, the exceptionally enthusiastic spacer. And you've no doubt drooled after Benny's super-sweet giant spaceship. Well powerpig has scaled things down to a more manageable (and affordable) level with this mini version of his ship. I dig it, it's like a Micro-Fighters scale version.

Benny's Mini Ship

Your Chance To Meet Exo Suit Designer Peter Reid

Hey UK readers, listen up. Whatever you were planning to do Saturday the 26th, cancel it. The place you want to be is the LEGO Store Bluewater from 12-4pm. Exo Suit designer and LEGO artist Peter Reid is going to be there signing sets and answering questions. Not only do you get early access to the Exo Suit and get to meet Pete, you can score one of these sets of exceptionally exclusive collector cards. Now would someone please perfect transporter technology so I can zip over there and still be back in time for my Panel at SDCC?

Exo-Suit Collectible Cards - the 5 regular cards

Big thanks to bluemoose for sharing these pics