Garden Dragon

Ah, we found it! The beautiful garden dragon. These incredibly rare and mostly nocturnal creatures are not indigenous to the area, but have thrived in secrecy since their introduction by a mysterious cult in the late 1960’s. While they’re not aggressive they do have sharp teeth and a hallucinogenic venom which gave them the nickname “spook dragons” from the vivid and scary visions associated with their bite. I’m not going to make eye contact, but just back away slowly…

beautiful build timofey_tkachev

"If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It."

The Predator was not only a really fun, badass, creative and original story, it had one of the best creature designs ever. I mean for a "dude in a suit", it was absolutely awesome. Builder Takamichi Irie has combined high skill, creative parts use and a clear love of the character to build this guy at a scale I wouldn't have thought possible, at least with this amount of detail.

Predator Wolf


The Niffler, a burrowing magical creature native to Great Britain with a mischievous nature and a penchant for anything shiny. If you saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them you got to see one of these little rascals at his best (worst?). This version by The Deathly Halliwell absolutely nails him, and makes we want to watch the movie again.



It seems no one can post a picture of a vaguely reptilian winged beast without a dragon vs wyvern debate starting up. I'm starting to wonder if we need a new word that encompasses all the beasts. Sort of like "bird" covers everything from eagles to finches. I don't know what that word may be, please feel free to comment below and nominate your word. In the mean time, please enjoy this "weast" (winged beast) by builder jaapxaap.

TT17 R1: Ssajiir