Aithaz Hold

I will admit a slight tinge of jealousy to those that got to attend Brickworld Chicago. But don’t cry for me, I was on the Disney Wonder cruising through Alaska while it was going (yeah, boo hoo). Part of that jealousy is because those who attended got to see things like this spectacular creation by builder ‘Ecclesiastes in person, the best way to see LEGO builds in my opinion.

Watch The Orange

Sometimes all you need in life is a little bit of color to brighten up your day. And just by looking at this watchtower, I’m sure Ayrlego can agree with that. It has a perfect combination of interesting techniques and beautiful palettes to make me feel all happy inside and fuel my imagination. Now I can’t help but ask, orange you glad I didn’t make any puns? I just ruined it didn’t I? I guess I’ll see myself out now.

Many Shades Of Grey

When asked to describe the medieval times, as you do in any normal conversation, it is often difficult to focus on a single aspect of this important historical time period. I mean making the choice between discussing knights in shining armor and the bubonic plague is terribly difficult! Nonetheless, next time i find myself immersed in medieval history I might just want to refer to this castle by Aaron Newman, which depicts a mighty fortress while retaining the perfect color scheme for the hardships of this not-so-fun time to live in.

Game Of Thrones Castles In Motion

Fans of Game of Thrones should recognize these iconic castles from the opening titles of the series. Builder Legopard spent three months recreating six of the locations of Westeros and Essos, not only capturing the look and feel of them, but also adding brilliant mechanical action to all. Check out the video to see them all in motion, and try to keep your jaw from hitting the table.


This cozy little cottage by builder Peeters Kevin looks like it was lifted right out of a fairytale book. I like to imagine myself coming into a clearing from the woods after a long walk to pick up some bread and cheese and seeing this welcome site. Smoke wafting up from the chimney, the smell of grass, flowers and maybe a delicious stew cooking. It’s just so inviting you want to go inside huh?

Did Someone Request A Hoarder Of Souls?

For the past seven years builders Ben Cossy and Eli Brinsmead have collaborated for Brickvention Australia. The thing is though, they live on opposite sides of Australia, which is a BIG place. So it’s only through careful communication that their collabs work, because they aren’t brought together until the convention. And work they do, either build is a stunning piece on it’s own, but together they’re showstoppers. Click through for more pictures and keep an eye out for upcoming videos featuring this amazing collaboration.