Uncle Scrooge

Here we see the species Anas platyrhynchos dives nimis in his natural habitat, the bank vault. While the origins of this species are well known (he’s from Disney) the origins of his fortune are shrouded in mystery. There are many rumors but we won’t speculate here. What we will do is tip our hat to Swan Dutchman for this outstanding rendition of him.


Mickey Mouse is a pretty popular subject for LEGO artists, I myself took a crack at him almost 10 years ago. And I can tell you from first hand experience he’s not easy, especially at small scale. But thanks to some much needed parts, namely the 1x1 round black tile and 1x1 half round white tile, everyone’s favorite mouse has never looked better than this rendition by the great Bruce Lowell.


Meet Oswald, Mickey Mouse’s predecessor. Way back when Walt Disney was making cartoons with this little guy, 27 of them to be exact. But then Walt lost the rights to him and was suddenly without a lead character. Well that was then and this is now and Oswald is proudly back at home with Disney. Builder Alex Kelly brought this little version to life, and he looks ready for some antics.


I have many a fond memories of Gargoyles both in its original run in the mid-nineties and then catching reruns on the Disney Channel in college. The characters were fun, the voice acting was enjoyable and includes many Star Trek actors (TNG and Voyager), and had a great urban fantasy / Sci-Fi combo going. The third season did lose its way a bit, (that is covered in-depth elsewhere), but overall a very fun show. Daniel Jackson re-watched the series a few years back and built Goliath as he awakes in 2017 and is just now sharing it with us.  He’s captured the charter well, Goliath is instantly recognizable, and the 1x1 stone flecks are a nice touch. He also built Goliath’s once love interest and often foil Demona. The choice of skyscraper backdrop for these pictures really sells the picture. They are just cartoony enough and match the series aesthetic nicely.

Little Helper

Having never watched DuckTales (sorry, came along a little late for me) or read a Donald Duck comic I had no idea who this character by builder lummerlander was, but I was intrigued. One google search later and now I know, and he’s pretty cool. I could use this little guy in the workshop of Nerds&Makers, where I get into my non-LEGO mischief.