Flight Of The Luck Dragon

As if the modification builder JK Brickworks made to LEGO 80102 Dragon Dance for smoother motion wasn’t cool enough, now he’s gone and added some 80’s nostalgia to it. Yes, it’s Falcor from The NeverEnding Story, flying smooth as silk thanks to some further modifications to the mechanism for even smoother sine wave motion. Check out the video to really appreciate the hard work and ingenuity that went into this.

How To Not Get Lost On The Way To The Moon

One of my earliest childhood memories is sitting on my dad’s lap watching news coverage of an Apollo mission. It may very well have been Apollo 11, but I just remember excitement and grainy black and white video of astronauts. While we celebrate the 50th anniversary of landing on the moon, a lot of artists are expressing their appreciation for the event in awesome ways. Builder Akula Bricks has recreated the Apollo Guidance Computer and the DSKY, a display and keyboard interface. I recognized this incredible feat of 1960’s engineering immediately, with it’s large keys and iconic multi segmented display. This version, with custom printed inserts, could be mistaken for the real thing it’s so accurate.

Welcome To The Circus

I recall going to circus when I was young. I also recall it being rather unnerving and I’ve never been back. I really got the impression those animals wanted nothing to do with what was going on, and the trapeze artists had a seriously undeveloped sense of self preservation. But I’m totally digging this circus by builder DOGOD Brick Design, from it’s pop up backdrop to the meticulously crafted and bursting with character animals, it’s all delightful.

Munchkin Bricks 2 Is Now On Kickstarter!

Those purveyors of the preposterous Crazy Bricks are back with another Munchkin themed Kickstarter, and it starts TODAY! Fans of of the game Munchkin might recognize some of the wacky artifacts in the image below, but to be specific the new lineup includes: the Helm of Super Speed, Spyke's Hammer, a Hammer Handle, a Foam Rubber Hand, Gear Beer, Shakespeare's Pike, Dragon Flagon, Hello Chibithulhu and E.L.T.H. the Excessively Large Top Hat. Not only do you get these custom injection molded parts in a selection of colors, you also some free gifts and there’s loads of stretch goals to unlock. Head over and support this campaign and get your hands on this spiffy stuff!

MF-10 Diamond Empress

I’ll be the first to admit that there isn’t much LEGO mech coverage on this blog. This isn’t because I have anything against them, it’s simply because I’ve run out of words for them. I see them all the time and think “hey, that’s pretty awesome” but beyond saying “hey, this is pretty awesome” I have no idea what to write. So when I scrolled past this mostly transparent mech by builder Moko that was the usual response, but it’s just so unusual and nifty I had to share. By the way, if you’re a LEGO mech fan with more to say and would like to blog about it, come join the Nerd Herd.


Check out this lovely beast by builder Jarac. The Y-Wing has always been a favorite of mine, just because it’s so “scrappy”. It was designed to look like a ship that had seen some action. It's outside cladding had been removed so many times that it was eventually decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. It also looked like it could take some punishment, and had dished out a fair amount too.