Micro Moo Moo Farm

Fans of the classic Nintendo racing game Mario Kart might recognize this, it’s the Moo Moo Farm! Builder and Twitch streamer BrickinNick crafted this little micro scale beauty live on air. While it’s not the complete track, you can see all the signature items, cows grazing, classic barn, and those stupid moles! You can catch Nick every week Sunday through Thursday his Twitch channel.

Mario Kart

As I mentally prepare myself for a trip to Los Angeles today I’ll remind myself that it’s not OK to throw turtle shells or banana peels at my fellow motorists, as much as I may want to. While the “rules” of the freeways of the greater LA area don’t allow this, I’m sure there will be plenty of exchanged harsh looks and perhaps a couple gestures. But in my head I’ll be Mario, skillfully maneuvering through traffic, looking for the finish like. Just like this wonderful depiction by builder polywen.