CADA Porsche 919 Hybrid Test Car

I’m not a fast driver, never have been. I’ve had one speeding ticket all my life and that’s not because I enjoy the sensation of speed, it’s because I was late for dinner and I’m afraid of my wife. So I cannot fathom driving this beast by builder NikolayFX. Then again, there’s only a handful of drivers in the world Porsche would trust behind the wheel, and I’m not one of them.

Super Star Destroyer

The moment I laid eyes on this magnificent Super Star Destroyer by Fabrice Neaud I heard the Imperial March in my head and I was ready to swear allegiance to the Empire. It’s not the scale that impresses me (to be honest, scale rarely impresses me, but this thing is enormous) it’s the accuracy and the attention to detail. This picture does not do it justice, you really need to click though and look at the pics at high res to truly appreciate this beast.

Viva La Mexico

I’m from California, which used to be a Mexican territory, and its cultural influence is everywhere here. From the architecture to the food, its roots run deep and I love it. So I’m instantly drawn to this excellent build by Norton74. Just looking at it has me craving tacos (and not whatever it is that Taco Bell serves, I’m talking REAL tacos) and some proper mariachi. I’ll make the guacamole, you bring the margaritas.


Quite possibly the most popular female comic villain (it really depends on who you ask, and comic book fans are a spirited and passionate group) and certainly the most popular female comic villain cosplay is Harley Quinn. One trip to San Diego Comic Con and you’ll see them everywhere (Nerdly even has a pic with one!) Builder Paddy Bricksplitter decided to take a stab at a smaller articulated version of her using parts and techniques recently in use. All I can say is NAILED IT!

Huh Huh Huh

I am not ashamed to say I’m a Beavis and Butthead fan. Mike Judge’s breakout animated classic is way smarter than people give it credit for. There’s contemporary humor, biting social commentary, political subversion and many layers of wit in the show. There’s also sophomoric humor, crude jokes, and butts, huh huh huh. Nicely done LEGO 7.