Party Animals

I was fortunate enough to see this wonderfully whimsical piece by Brickbaron in person at BrickCon. I was also honored with an official party animal sheep head from Paul, one of 50 he gave out at the convention. Toward the end of the con all of the party animals gathered for a photo op (I'm on the right, making the usual stupid face). What a fantastic way to celebrate the yearly reunion of friends and brighten everyone's day, thanks Paul!

Party Animals!
BrickCon 2017 Party Animals! Group Pic

Great Scott! BrickCon Is Coming!

Way back in 2009 my buddy Iain Heath and I met at our first LEGO convention, BrickCon in Seattle. We were both displaying character stuff which really didn't have a place to be. Iain suggested we commandeer an unused table space back in the corner. So we combined forces to create a new theme for BrickCon, and it's been going ever since. This year the BrickCon theme is "Brick To Old School", with a strong Back to the Future vibe, so we're embracing it. Check out these amazing trophies built by Iain himself, and this year's BOC badge bricks. We would like to cordially invite you to bring your character based builds to the coolest table in all of BrickCon. You will also be cool by association, you want to be cool don't you?

Bricks of Character at BrickCon 2017
Bricks of Character at BrickCon 2017

BrickCon Is Nigh - It's Madness!

I'm scrambling to make all the last minute preparations before heading off to Seattle for BrickCon 2016. Me and my PIC Iain Heath are ready for some serious Bricks of Character action this year, and very happy to be celebrating the awesome theme, Madness!

Madness has always been a favorite band of ours, so we're going "skall-out" to celebrate. I finally finished my MOC yesterday and can't wait to see it on the BOC table with all the rest of the awesome MOCs you all bring.

Madness: One Step Beyond

And here's the trophies we're going to be handing out, minus their engraved brick, those will be added at the last minute. 

BrickCon 2016 Madness Trophies

I can't wait to see all my friends and make some new ones. If you're going to be at the con or visiting during the public days track me down to say "hi" and get some BrickNerd swag. See you all there!

Get Beyond The Brick To BrickCon

BrickCon is one of, if not the best LEGO conventions on the planet. I've only been to a few different cons, but out of those it is by far my favorite and I look forward to going every year (fingers crossed I'll get there this year). Our pals over at Beyond the Brick would like to make it to this year's con and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to get there and make an exclusive video of the event. They've got some cool rewards and some nifty stretch goals. Head over and help them out.