This one is pretty meta. What do you get when you combine mad building skills with one of the most notorious lines in LEGO's history? You get Jens, The Chief Scientist of the Royal Court of Galidor. Yes, Galidor, a name that will live in infamy, yet I can't take my eyes off this wonderful brick-built version of one of the characters by Ryan Howerter. If you had told me last night "tomorrow you'll blog a Galidor MOC" I would have just laughed, but look at this guy!


Seriously Huge Investment In Galidor

When asked about the worst LEGO themes of all time, many afols will bring up Jack Stone. I think that this is because they have forced themselves to forget that Galidor ever existed. But of course; this is the LEGO community and nothing is useless: the aptly self-titled Prince Galidor presents us with a SHIPtember entry this year built entirely from Galidor parts. The result is a beautiful mess of purple, red, orange and various shades of gray.

The Travisty

Opee Sea Killer


Here at BrickNerd we like to look back from time to time, and also to look at some elements a whole new way. The first time I met builder Norbert "Norby" Labuguen  we were both displaying at Star Wars Days at LEGOLAND CA. Norby brought this creation and stunned me. I had never considered Bionicle, Hero Factory and especially Galidor pieces particularly useful. Norby changed all that for me, and continues to amaze me with his MOCs. This isn't the greatest picture of his Opee Sea Killer, but you get the idea, it's awesome.

LLSWD20110619 Opee Sea Killer 02