Seriously Huge Investment In Galidor

When asked about the worst LEGO themes of all time, many afols will bring up Jack Stone. I think that this is because they have forced themselves to forget that Galidor ever existed. But of course; this is the LEGO community and nothing is useless: the aptly self-titled Prince Galidor presents us with a SHIPtember entry this year built entirely from Galidor parts. The result is a beautiful mess of purple, red, orange and various shades of gray.

The Travisty


I probably got that name wrong, but according to the IKEA Dictionary that's a Finnish word for ship. And just like pretty much every IKEA I've ever been too, this SHIP by builder LEGOLIZE IT MAN is massive. This intergalactic forklift is a wonder to behold, it's a cargo pusher, and from the size of those engine, I'm guessing this thing could push a boatload of semi-disposable Swedish furniture. (fun fact: BrickNerd Studios is 95% furnished with IKEA stuff, we love it)

Olyckan 2

Land SHIP Khagaan

This is pretty epic. It's SHIPtember, and while we're all pretty accustomed to seeing giant space ships this time of year, builder mahjqa brings us the land carrier Khagaan, a colossal treaded vehicle with multiple power functions and seriously cool design. While the picture is stunning, it doesn't really convey the scale or capability of this beast. Check out the video, which features some pretty amazing vfx and cinematography, as well as a behind the scenes peek at how it was done. Beware, you are about to have your mind blown.



I don't know what the typical SHIP build time is. I know that if I was going to build one, it would probably take the entirety of the month (and then I still wouldn't finish). So you can imagine my shock to learn that this SHIP by Kris Manabo was built over the course of four days! That's the same time it took me to build my silly little Madness MOC. It's on display at BrickCon this weekend and worth a pause as you make your way around the show floor.