The Personal Stereo That Rocked The World

I consider myself lucky that my lifespan happened to be sliced out of history where it is. I’ve seen so many things: The transition of film to digital, the rise of the personal computer, the connecting of the world through the internet, four different television formats and so much more. I was just discovering music when bands like Run-DMC, Van Halen, Micheal Jackson, Beastie Boys, The B-52’s and so many more were at peak popularity. And I was there for this, the Sony Walkman (and it’s many, many copycats). These days everyone in the world has every song ever recorded at their fingertips whenever they want, so it’s really hard to imagine how this simple device rocked our world. We could take our music with us, wherever we went, and blast it without disturbing others, it was awesome. Thank you Ralf Langer for a little bit of nostalgia.


When I was a kid this is what audio entertainment looked like, the Hi-Fi (short for high fidelity). If it wasn't a huge console system cranking the tunes into your house, it was one of these. Just tune to your favorite radio station, adjust the equalizer and enjoy the music. Or punch in your favorite 8-Track (let's say Meco Star Wars, maybe Brothers Johnson) and get your groove on. An excellent retro build from Sad Brick, which ironically makes me happy.


Dim The Lights

You always knew it was going to be a pretty chill day when you got to the classroom and one of these was sitting in the middle of the room. Well, this type pre-dates my school days, but you get the picture. That's right, when we wanted to see projected moving pictures back in the day we used one of these, and threaded film through it, and it was noisy, and pretty bad, and we loved it. A wonderful does of nostalgia from builder Carlmerriam.

LEGO 16mm Projector

The Simple Pleasures Of Childhood

I remember them well, out in front of the K-Mart, the rides. They were actually in front of several places here in my home town growing up. You know, those little rides that don't do much, don't cost much and don't seem to be very fun, but we all begged our moms for a quarter so we could ride. Builder LEGOMINDED takes advantage of the new rocket costume collectible minifigure to bring back a bit of nostalgia, and the results are as charming as they are clever.

"1940 Space Dream'in"

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em

Here's a little dose of nostalgia, it's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots by BrickNerd's own Roy of Floremheim. I can't calculate the endless hours we spent playing this as kids, it was a childhood favorite. Not only is this a fun miniature reproduction of the Marx classic game, it's even got play features. To see it in action check out this video.


Sleep Was Never Easy

I can totally relate to this autobiographical MOC by builder davekaleta. It's a serious dose of nostalgia for me, and I love all the details. My first born Austin NEVER slept voluntarily for the first five years of his life. When he was an infant the only surefire way to make him sleep was to load him into the 4Runner and circle the block endlessly (followed by a harrowing trip upstairs back to his crib). Once he graduated to his big boy bed, the only way to keep him in his room until sleep finally took him was to camp out with him. I can't calculate the endless hours I spent watching Rugrats on the floor of that boy's room. I'm happy to say I don't have to worry about his sleep habits now, then again he turned 21 last month so I should think not.

Sleep Regression