Brick Buddies: The Game

How does your scalp feel, Itchy? Good, because builder jtheels has the prescription for that because you'll be scratching your head trying to figure this out. You may have seen his brilliantly simple series of MOCs called Brick Buddies, absolutely basic characters from pop culture, but with the logo or catch phrase from the show or movie they're from it's obvious. Well now he's collected 89 of these blocky little wonders into one place, with no added graphics. How many can you name? Some will be easy, some will be hard, and I'm guessing some will be impossible. Are you up to the challenge?

Rock Paper Scissors

It's one of the best ways to settle a dispute, requires no tools or additional game pieces, is easy to learn and impossible to master. It's rock, paper, scissors, or roshambo. For the truly nerdy among us though, things can be taken to the next level by adding Spock and lizard. And even more nerd cred goes to Takamichi Irie, for building it in LEGO (with the new half round tile even, spiffy).

The Game of Scissors-Paper-Rock

UPDATE: Things got very nerdy, well played sir, well played.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock


I have fond memories of my formative years on Mango Street here in Lompoc. It was where I lived when I got my first movie camera, saw Star Wars, played lawn darts and (once those were determined to be the stupidest invention ever) TRAC BALL. These wonders from Wham-O are actually still around and allow you to throw a perfect curve ball despite having zero athletic ability. I will however caution against the attempt to catch a Stretch Armstrong thrown by your brother, it will break it (I speak from experience).

LEGO Trac Ball 2

Pretty Sneaky Sis

I know I played Connect Four as a kid, but I don't remember owning it, so it must have been at a friends house. I vividly remember the commercial though, and that kid's tragic haircut. Builder jtheels is on a roll with these brilliant little doses of nostalgia. Makes me want to break out my plaid pants and play with GiJoe while eating a peanut butter and relish sandwich (the 70's weren't pretty)

LEGO Connect Four

Ready, Set, GO

I've never played go, but I've seen it played, and this brick-built version by joeseidon not only looks perfect, but it's totally playable. And unlike the cheap pressboard versions I see from time to time, this really makes me want to play! I dig the totally clean construction and the use of the X-pod containers is perfect. I can see this occupying a small gaming table for years to come.

9x9 Go Board