A Tribute To Queen

The timing of this wonderful pair of builds from Nick Brick is absolutely perfect for me, since I finally got a chance to watch Bohemian Rhapsody just last week. It’s Brian May’s legendary Red Special and Freddie Mercury’s iconic “Bottomless Microphone”. The guitar was built by Brian and his dad, and was subsequently used on every Queen album. The legend of the mic is in the band’s early days during a performance Freddie’s mic stand came apart, and he just went with it. He discovered he liked it that way and the rest is history.

The Most Important Meal Of The Day

You shouldn’t skip breakfast. Your body needs fuel to run, and if you’re going to be productive at work or school, you need energy. It’s also delicious, or at least is when it’s not brick-built like this stunning stack of yummy blueberry pancakes by builder LittleJohn. While they may not hold any nutritional value, they’re a feast for the eyes.

Human Sized Minifig Weapons

Bill Doran of Punished Props Academy has posted a video that intersects Nerds&Makers and BrickNerd, so much so that this is the first ever cross post between both websites. Bill went old school classic castle and crafted props of both a sword and shield using common materials and fairly basic tools. And in their classic style he and Brit documented the whole process in great detail. Check out the video!

The Personal Stereo That Rocked The World

I consider myself lucky that my lifespan happened to be sliced out of history where it is. I’ve seen so many things: The transition of film to digital, the rise of the personal computer, the connecting of the world through the internet, four different television formats and so much more. I was just discovering music when bands like Run-DMC, Van Halen, Micheal Jackson, Beastie Boys, The B-52’s and so many more were at peak popularity. And I was there for this, the Sony Walkman (and it’s many, many copycats). These days everyone in the world has every song ever recorded at their fingertips whenever they want, so it’s really hard to imagine how this simple device rocked our world. We could take our music with us, wherever we went, and blast it without disturbing others, it was awesome. Thank you Ralf Langer for a little bit of nostalgia.

I've Got The Jam Box, You Got The Cardboard?

As I’ve confessed before on this blog, I used to breakdance, and not to brag but I was pretty good. So clearly I was a kid of the 80’s, when the portable stereo, boom box, jam box or whatever you called it was king. And I have to admit I have a soft spot for these little icons, like this one from builder Cha Mi. So let’s crank up the Twilight 22, I’ve got some poppin’ and lockin’ to do.