A Tribute To Queen

The timing of this wonderful pair of builds from Nick Brick is absolutely perfect for me, since I finally got a chance to watch Bohemian Rhapsody just last week. It’s Brian May’s legendary Red Special and Freddie Mercury’s iconic “Bottomless Microphone”. The guitar was built by Brian and his dad, and was subsequently used on every Queen album. The legend of the mic is in the band’s early days during a performance Freddie’s mic stand came apart, and he just went with it. He discovered he liked it that way and the rest is history.

Circle Rocks

I'm not surprised I haven't heard of the band Circle, they're from Finland and I can't even pronounce their best known songs. But builder Pate-keetongu is a big fan, and I'm a big fan of Eero's, so I'm going to call myself a fan-by-proxy. I certainly dig this tribute build to the band, and all six current band members. I've also listened to some of their music now, they're legit. Rock on Circle, rock on.



Builder helensham shows us the intersection of audiophile and LEGO with this brilliant reproduction of the legendary McIntosh 275 tube amplifier, the MAC7200 and what appears to be a turntable/CD hybrid that actually plays! The build and illumination are fantastic, but to see it spin and actually play (I'm assuming, watch the video) is pretty mind-blowing.

LEGO Mcintosh Pre-Power combination

Rising Star

My little sisters used to do this kind of stuff when we were kids. Get all dolled up, break out a "microphone" (it's truly stunning how many things can be substituted for an actual microphone) and belt out a few tunes. It appears the daughter of builder(s) vir-a-cocha loves doing this, and they immortalized the moment with this adorable MOC.

The Girl Who Sings

Rockin' In Wonderland

Talk about eye catching. This musical scene from Alice in Wonderland is as much about the photography as it is the build. Julius von Brunk brings us this colorful and whimsical scene, showing Alice, Hatter, March Hare and the White Rabbit absolutely rocking. The shot was accomplished with the clever use of multicolor party spotlights, a great effect expertly done.

Rainbow in the Dark