Bond, James Bond

While adult me finds the womanizing and chauvinistic overtones a bit unsettling (we’ve come so far, sort of) I’m still a bond fan. And while this piece by JS_Ninjnerd depicts MI6’s most infamous agent as a silhouette, I’m choosing to see him as my personal favorite Bond, Sean Connery. And admit it, the theme song is in your head now huh? It’s in mine, and it’s totally agreeable.

Choose Your Color

Any kid that owned a Gameboy in the late 90's (so let's face it, most) recognizes these guys, it's the trainers from Pokemon Red and Blue, the ubiquitous monster catching role-playing game. It gives me great pleasure to present these as they come from a builder you might have heard of, Mr Kevin Hinkle himself. It's good to see you dabbling with the bricks Kevin.

Pokémon - Trainer Red
Pokémon - Trainer Blue


I remember the first time I saw The Matrix. It was during the original theatrical release, and I went in cold. I don't even recall seeing a commercial for it. I went with a group from work, we had been crunching on a project and needed a little recreation, we got it. We all left the theater charged up for stylized storytelling, cutting edge effects and *gasp* an original idea. I don't care much for the sequels, but the original still holds up, it's an amazing little bit of filmmaking. This likeness of the hero by cmaddison just makes me want to watch it again.


A Study In Stags

LEGO as an art medium has no limits, none. It can be blocky and colorful, contoured and realistic or clean and stark. These stags by Grantmasters could hang in any pub, huntsman club or study and I'm guessing most people wouldn't even notice they're brick-built, at least not at first. They're elegant and regal, like the beasts they convey.

Stag Inverted