Choose Your Color

Any kid that owned a Gameboy in the late 90's (so let's face it, most) recognizes these guys, it's the trainers from Pokemon Red and Blue, the ubiquitous monster catching role-playing game. It gives me great pleasure to present these as they come from a builder you might have heard of, Mr Kevin Hinkle himself. It's good to see you dabbling with the bricks Kevin.

Pokémon - Trainer Red
Pokémon - Trainer Blue

Gameboy Color

Since the original Gameboy appeared in 1989 Nintendo has pretty much ruled the handheld gaming roost. I bought two immediately, and I still have them. Through the years we've watched them morph in shape, size and features, but the fun has stayed the same. Builder -derjoe- is clearly a fan and has a fresh batch of old school Gameboy Colors to share. Although I have to admit, that lettering is just about as nifty as the devices.

Game Boy Color out of LEGO bricks

Handheld Terrorizes City

Dateline: January 20th 2017
Citizens are warned to be on the lookout for a small, sentient handheld game device. The handheld, calling itself GameBad has been hurling game cartridges and causing general disturbances since earlier today. "I don't know what happened, I was just standing there having a slice of pizza when that little bugger came up and clocked me with a Tetris!" exclaimed a man who declined an interview after the event. It should be noted that the device runs on classic alkaline batteries so the event is expected to last no longer than 10 hours.

Nintendo GAME BAD


Way back in 1989 I was working on location on a pretty terrible film called The Boneyard. One day me and some other crew members went to Walmart and I spotted these, the brand new Gameboy from Nintendo. I immediately bought two, one for me, one for my girlfriend, and we played and played. This version by Kloou brings back all the nostalgic feels. 

Console Nintendo - Game Boy