Just about an hour ago as I was leaving Starbucks I spotted a bright yellow Camero in the parking lot with the license place "BUZZZZ" and chuckled to myself. Then I refresh my Flickr feed and discover this stunning offering from builder Cesbrick. Say what you will about Michael Bay (and I've said plenty, I've worked with the dude) but this character resonates with a whole lot of people.


"Long Haul"

So you look at the first picture and you think "cool, a dump truck". It reminds me of my big Tonka when I was a kid, and seems like it would be right at home with other LEGO City sets. Then you get to the second picture and get your mind blown, this baby transforms! Builder Cpt. Brick not only nailed the City look, he nailed the Transformers look. As awesome as it is though, I think my favorite thing about these shots is the minifigs casually enjoying coffee in the shadow of the robot.

Lego City Dump Truck (Long Haul)
Lego City Dump Truck (Long Haul) - Robot mode


I deal with camera issues all the time as a photographer and videographer. But I've never had to deal with a camera that transforms into three separate characters. This is Reflector, from the Transformers cartoon, built by MortalSwordsman. It transforms into Spyglass, Viewfinder and Spectro seen below. My big question is how are they with hot pixels and flickering with sequential images?