VW Type 1

I have a definite soft spot for classic beetles. I've told the stories before of it being the family car of my childhood and my first car as an adult. Being nothing but round makes it an exceptional challenge in bricks, but builder Everblack was up to that challenge, and this is the result. You can practically hear that flat four chugging huh?

Volkswagen Beetle  (1)
Volkswagen Beetle (2)

Volkswagen Beetle Review

The first Type 1 sedans rolled off the line in the early 1940's, and the world was captivated by it's practically, price and unique appearance. My family had a beetle when I was a kid, my first real car was a beetle and I drive a newer convertible beetle now (but I wish I still had a vintage one). This new version by LEGO is as much fun as you'd think, 

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BrickNerd LiveBuild - Volkswagen Beetle

VW has been an important part of my life. The first family car I remember was a beetle, my first car was a beetle and I drive a beetle now. So to say I'm excited about this set is a bit of an understatement. I know this is last minute and I'm sorry I didn't announce it yesterday, but I can't wait to build this little beauty.

Join me live at 2pm PST as I build the amazing new LEGO 10252 Volkswagen Beetle live!

New Creator Beetle Coming

I normally leave stuff like this to the sites that concentrate on news, but this makes me so giddy I had to share. The family car when I was young was a beetle, my first car was a beetle and my car  now is a beetle. I've always had a deep affection for these round little wonders, and now LEGO is hooking us up with a fantastic new model. I love the retro styling and studless design, it's beautiful. The 1,167 piece set will retail for $99.99 (US). VIP members can get their grubby little mits on it July 14 and the general public can on August 1.

Super Volks

They were ridiculous, they were brash, they were driverless, they were the Zingers, model kits from MPC. Back in the 70's it seemed you couldn't get outrageous enough (just ask Chuck Barris or ABBA) and hotrods were no exception. Builder Mad physicist clearly understands this mentality and has recreated my personal favorite from this line, the Super Volks. Who cares if it doesn't actually have seats? Just imagine how loud and fast it is! 

VW Bug Zinger
VW Bug Zinger