Paddy Wagon

A large portion of my childhood was dedicated to the construction of plastic model kids. I had lots of favorites, the Aurora monster kits for instance, but the ones that really stand out were the Tom Daniel hotrods from Monogram. I built them all, some more than once. So this brilliant rendition of Paddy Wagon by Norton74 is a huge nostalgia rush for me. The detail is amazing, and there’s so much shiny I can’t stand it (I think I have an additional chrome-osome…get it?)

Mickey And The Roadster Racers

Everyone knows what a Disney fan I am, so naturally this brilliant little pair of cars from Ianying616 caught my eye. While I’ve never seen the show they’re based on (what do you want? There’s no young children at my house these days), I can see right away that a lot of care went into recreating these. I just want to zoom zoom them.

CADA Porsche 919 Hybrid Test Car

I’m not a fast driver, never have been. I’ve had one speeding ticket all my life and that’s not because I enjoy the sensation of speed, it’s because I was late for dinner and I’m afraid of my wife. So I cannot fathom driving this beast by builder NikolayFX. Then again, there’s only a handful of drivers in the world Porsche would trust behind the wheel, and I’m not one of them.

Black Onyx

Just last weekend my wife and I went to breakfast with some friends. As we pulled up to the corner to turn to park we discovered we couldn’t because there were dozens of show cars in the street. Unbeknownst to us there was a car show, so after we had a nice breakfast we walked through it. While I would never drive anything like this hot rod from ianying616, I certainly appreciate looking at them. There wasn’t anything quite as radical as this thing at the show, but a couple were close. If this thing has been there, it would have stolen the show.


I’m curious how many of you instantly heard The Munsters theme in your head as soon as you recognized this classic car from the series. It’s Dragula, Grampa’s sweet ride by builder rabidnovaracer. Car designer George Barris created both this and the Munster Koach for the series, further evidence of just how much love and commitment everyone had for that show. It was weird, it was different, it was wonderful.